Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update ?: We're Home!!!

We're home!!! Na-naw took us home and we arrived around 12:30. Lydia has that droopy-weak look but hopefully she'll bounce back real soon! Daddy's cutting Hanover Friends and we're all going to relax this afternoon. Lydia's taking a nap...hopefully a long one! Mommy's about to take a much-needed shower after that stay in the hospital! :)


I took some pictures of Lydia yesterday and Thursday, here they are:

Lydia has a fascination with the stairs now so she's trying to learn how to climb the steps, but thankfully hasn't figured it out yet!

Such an adorable little sister! Trying to climb the steps!

The ponytail in her hair is a new "style" for her because her hair is getting so long in the front that it hangs over her eyes, so mommy puts it up sometimes.

Standing up all by herself! Now she still falls and we get worried when she falls over but she's normally okay!

You see what I mean about "chipmunk cheeks?!"

This is Lydia Friday morning, you can tell she looks a little abnormal.

Lydia Thursday morning.

Taken Thursday morning.

Caleb and Lydia playing with each other through the window on Thursday.

Lydia and Caleb again.


We all want to say a sincere and hearty thanks to all of our dear family and friends who have been so caring and helpful while Lydia was at the hospital. (Mom and dad received many phone calls - unfortunately both of their cell phones were dead so they couldn't answer!) We greatly appreciate all of you who offered to help in some way, called and especially prayed for us all through this ordeal. God has been so present through your prayers and has answered the desires of our hearts by allowing our little Lydia to be back home safe and well with us! May Jesus bless you all!

Willingly Jesus',

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  1. I'm so glad you guys are home! So they never really said what was wrong?