Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Na-naw's Birthday

A few Friday's ago our family threw a little surprise party for my Na-naw (Mama's mom).  Paw-paw and Na-naw were coming by to drop off some tables and chairs we needed, so we decided to try and throw a mini birthday party! :)  We asked Paw-paw what Na-naw's favorite color was, what her favorite ice cream was, etc.

I picked up the grocery items since I was already out, and everyone else prepared dinner and set the table beautifully.
We had Na-naw close her eyes until she walked into the kitchen and, voila, when she opened her eyes we said "Happy birthday!!"  She was very happy and excited. :)

The table with the lovely fine china and glasses.
Dinner still wasn't for another hour or so, so Paw-paw finished painting one of our kitchen soffets (Mom had been using a paint brush for the wall, and Paw-paw took over with the roller :).

 Hannah and Lydia colored some pictures...

 ...and Judah was his little cute self. :)

Meanwhile, the boys were trying to get a fire started so we could cook our hamburgers.  We tried to use coals from our Central Boiler, instead of KingsFord briquettes.  It worked!

You know my obsession for roses, so I really don't think this picture needs an explanation. :)

After dinner was ready a little later than planned, we sat down to eat!

We had hamburgers, au gratin potatoes, and green beans.  It was all delicious!

Home-made seltzer was the drink of the night.

Na-naw eating dinner. :)

As we sat around the table after dinner, we brought over Na-naw's favorite cake (Ukrop's pound...amazing!) and ice cream (Turkey Hill All Natural Chocolate!) and sang Happy Birthday!

If you've never tasted a Ukrop's pound cake, you are severely deprived.  They are beyond amazing!!

After the candles were all blown out we just sat around and enjoyed each others company.  Family is a great thing!

Kimber :)