Monday, January 24, 2011

Face Paint Fun

Lexi brought Lydia and Josiah into the den a few minutes before dinner with some adorable face paint-do's! :)   They looked so cute and photogenic, that I had to take some pictures!


...'Siah the tiger and Lydia the bunny rabbit! :)

The terrifying tiger!
(By the way, 'Siah went to the doctor today for a leg check-up and the report was good!  His bone is perfectly healed!!!)

The bunny rabbit!!
(Lexi say's sorry for the smeared face-paint...she said she had to redo the teeth 3 times so the last time was in a hurry ;)

Anyways, they were really cute so I thought I'd share with you!
Kimber :)
Sorry - no verse for this post!