Friday, July 29, 2011

A Day with Grandpa, Grandma, and the Cooks

 Last Friday we drove up to Grandpa and Grandma's!  We drove up to their house to visit with some friends from FL who were staying with Grandpa and Grandma.  (Of course, we went up to see Gpa and Gma too! :)

We arrived about 11:30 A.M. and ate lunch about an hour later!  Grandpa and Grandma fixed up a yummy lunch of hamburgers and hot dogs, potato salad, and chips! :)

 Eden eating some lunch! :)

 Grandpa and Grandma with Mr. and Mrs. Cook (the friends from FL).

Grandpa and Grandma met the Cooks when they lived in Cuba (Grandpa was in the Navy).  They became great friends and the friendship has continued through the years!  I remember seeing them when I was younger and every-now-and-then.  We saw them last year the day after Judah was born and we got to see them again this year! :)

As we finished eating lunch, we (the girls ;) stayed in the dining room and talked about everything from farm work to dating/courtship.  As we talked we ate the yummiest watermelon...ever! :)

Doesn't it look awesome?

As we sat around the table talking, Seth started taking apart one of Grandpa's video game devices.  Grandma said that Daddy would do the same thing when he was Seth's age!

Later that afternoon everyone in my family (but myself) got their bathing suits on and went to Grandpa and Grandma's pool.  They returned about 10 minutes later with the news that they couldn't get in without 3 actual pool members accompanying them (they were going to use Gpa and Gma's visitor passes).   So, that was a fail.

Nevertheless, the handy, dandy sprinkler was brought out to the front yard!  Soon Daddy, Mama and a variety of siblings were playing in the water.  It wasn't as great as a pool but it worked! :)

When I saw all the fun everyone was having, I went out with my lovely camera! :)

The first picture was of Grandma's flowers! :)

 Lydia joined in on the fun for only a few minutes.  Sprinklers have a way of getting water in your face, and that is something Lydia does not enjoy! :)

 Daddy playing with Eden.

The major game of the day was "attack Daddy with the noodles".  Don't think we're being unfair with attacking Daddy....he quite often goes after us with one, two, or maybe even, three, noodles! :)

Daddy has crazy noodle skill! :-D

 "Attack" from Mommy!

 Josiah leading the second wave of attack. :)

Mama's a very timid attacker.  She tends to squeal and half-heartedly swing her noodle.  It's fun to watch! :)

Josiah defeated Daddy! :)

 By this time, the sun was starting to fade away so I went back inside.
There I found Grandma giving Judah a haircut! :)

Judah wasn't sure he appreciated Grandma's hard work, so we kept his bottle full and fed him Cheerios until it was over! :)

This was Judah a few days before his harcut via Grandma:

This was after:
What a cutie!

After a dinner of Grandma's chili and some leftovers, we hung out a little bit longer until 8 P.M.  Then we left for home after a great day visiting with our friends, the Cooks, and with Grandpa and Grandma! :)

Kimber :)