Friday, August 17, 2012

20 Years and counting!

On August 8th 1992 Scott Michael Wassenberg married Michelle Diane Nash.

  These two became one, and not long after their marriage, they gave their lives to Christ.
They are now living on 10 acres in the country with 9 children and many farm animals.
They are blessed and are a blessing to everyone they meet!

Since this was their 20th anniversary, we children wanted to do something extra special for them.
So, watch the video on a following post to find out what we did! :)

We have some people that contributed to this gift and we are very grateful to them.  For privacy's sake though, we won't say who they are.  :)

That concludes this sure to look for the video to see what we did! :)

Have a blessed week!

Joyfully His,

Kimber's License!

On August 8th Kimber Ashley Wassenberg passed her behind-the-wheel test!  She now has a license!!!!!  She’s grow’n up on us. :'(  Anyway, enough of the tears- we’re excited for her! :)  She is very happy to be able to drive to her job down the road now, as well as go to photography sessions without worrying about how to get to and from them! :)  Well, enough talk.  Here are some pictures from her big day!
 Dowy was working on cabinets that day so he wished her well before she took off.  
 Lydia also was there to wave good-bye! :)

 We’re there!!!!!!!! 
 Getting ready to get out of the car and take the test!
 Daddy filling out his sheet (he had to renew his license).
 Kimber filling out her sheet (to get her license).
Kimber got her picture taken to put on her license if she passed
She was trying not to laugh at daddy in this picture. :)

Daddy eventually went away because he kept making her laugh! :-D
 Off she goes!!

They’re back...
 and happy….that’s a good sign. :)

 This is the man Kimber took the test with- he is filling out some sort of paper-work in this picture.

 When her number was shown on the screen, she went up to see her results.
 YAY!!! SHE PASSED!!!! :-D
 Kimber by the DMV sign.

 Kimber with her driving instructor.

 To celebrate we stopped by a Sheetz gas-station on the way home and Kimber picked out some... 

.....doughnuts to share!! Don't those look mouth-wateringly delicious!!!????  

Thanks for reading!
The next post about driving (which will happen next year ;) is going to be about me getting my learners permit!! :)  Scary, I know.  :)  Just thought I’d share that exciting piece of news with you folks. :) 
I  know we’ve been slacking recently on the posts and all, but I’m trying to make up for it. :) 

 Oh, and one more thing before I end this post: the last week of August is our annual beach vacation with mom’s side of the family.  This year everyone is coming…I can’t wait!! Please pray that we’ll have great weather and servants hearts the whole trip- it would be greatly appreciated! :)  
Have a blessed day!
Joyfully His,
Ps- You might want to stay off all roads and sidewalks…KIMBER HAS HER LICENSE!!!  8-O  Just kidding. ;)

Taking down the wall!

Yay!! An exciting day it was when we took out our wall.  No longer was there a separation of old from new- but one big room!  My dear grand-father...whom we call Paw-paw, came over to help us take the wall down on July 23rd (with a little extra work being done on the 24th and 25th).  I should probably say he came and we helped him...he is such a wonderful man of God with a servants' heart- always ready to lend a helping hand wherever (and whenever) he can!  We love him! :)  So here are some pictures!! 
The reason some of these pictures look really blurry is because we had plastic up.  You can see one of the little poles holding it up on the right hand side. :)
 Being the thoughtful man that he is, paw-paw brought the plastic to keep the dust from the...more clean...side of the house. :)
Sorry.  I know this picture is sideways, but, hey, at least I put it on the post for you! :)
As you know, we moved the fridge and freezer when Dowy built the pantry. 
Now, they are no longer up against our wall but in the middle of our new kitchen! :)
Eden was skimming milk (taking the cream from the top of the milk) before the old kitchen wall came down.
Taking out the window!!!!! : D
Judah was very intently watching what Paw-paw and daddy were doing. :)
So, most of you are probably thinking "EEWWW!!! Grosss!!!!!!" but there IS a reason I put this picture here. Whenever we would wash dishes the water would go behind the sink.  We knew it would be absolutely disgusting back there and thus couldn't wait to see it. :)  Yeah, I think we were pretty accurate in our estimation of grossness! :)
A pile of grossness. :-L
YAY!!!!!!!  The drywall is down!!
Daddy using the crowbar to pry a stud loose.
Yes, we have lights in that part of the house now.  Back then it was a little dark. :)
Paw-paw sawing away

I was standing on a ladder to get this picture for you. You should thank me. :)

Working hard.
Here is a video of them taking down the box.  
Just so you have a SMALL feel of how chaotic our home was and is still. ;)

Well, that's it for this post.  I hope you enjoyed it! Have a blessed week!

Joyfully His,