Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Update

(I've got a couple miscellaneous things to report so this post is a little unorganized! Just in case you're wondering the verse for this post is later on! :-D)

Well, last Thursday (on Daddy's birthday) he and Mama went out on a date. We watched everyone else, ate dinner, watched a movie, had ice cream, and went to bed. Mama and Daddy got home about 10 minutes after we got in bed. We had set up the guest bedroom for them. We put candles in the room, flowers, etc. to make it all special. Lexi and Hannah even tried to melt a soap bar to make a heart - which they did but the soap didn't melt completely! :)

Here's just one picture from their special night:

Daddy took this picture for me because I was in bed! :)


Last Saturday Daddy took us to Northern VA and we played and ate at Chuck-E-Cheese's with Grandpa and Grandma.

Josiah on the carousel.




Eden feeding the tickets in.
After some fun and playing (thanks Grandpa/ma!), Grandpa and Grandma took us to their house and Grandma made a wonderful dinner and then we left soon after.

The other morning the sun was shining through our trees again:

Shining on a greenbean plant! :)

Lexi harvested some apples from our tree (VERY sour by the way!). The apple tree we're talking about was given to us by Uncle Greg when we first moved into the house.

The apple from the store is on the left, and ours is the right! Ours is bigger! :)

Tuesday night, we had our Bread Becker Fellowship/Pick-Up Night ( We met a few new people and it was so much fun to see everybody!

This is a whole-wheat lemon balm pound cake.
(Daddy calls it "Lemon-Bomb," He likes it:)
We got the recipe from some friends of ours from church and it was so yummy!

The flax energy bars.

The sugar and spice cookies, Calebs' speciality. (these were gone by the end of the night! :)

Lexi setting up the table.

Fresh home-made salsa.

Hannah playing with Lydia before our friends arrived.
For those of you who don't know about Bread Beckers (see the above website)... it's when people who have ordered things from us come to "pick up" their order. We make lots of food and fellowship with everyone. It's so much fun...meeting new people and talking to people we haven't seen in awhile! :)
To give an update on Smoky: he's doing very well! Still no one has called about a missing parrot, so I guess we'll get to keep him! (Or we'll just advertise more and his owner might show up). He makes lots of weird noises now: first it sounds like we're in the rainforest, then the telephone is ringing, an old man is grumbling, cars wheels are screeching, etc. It's pretty funny to listen to!
He (or she?!) is SO sweet, he'll make all the above noises (and more!) and I'll walk up slowly to his cage, softly calling his name, stick my finger in his cage, and he'll come over, lay his down and let me pet him on the head! What a sweet little bird! :)
"He stirs up the sea with His power, And by His understanding He breaks up the storm."
Job 26:12
Now for the good news!
Tomorrow we're leaving for our annual family beach vacation!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!! To make things short here is the link to the beach house we'll be staying in: This will be the first year we've stayed in it. I'm so excited I'm already getting those butterflies in my stomach! We've been packing up all day (and some Wednesday and yesterday) and Daddy will load up the car tonight and we're hoping to leave sometime tomorrow (Saturday) morning around 5-7 AM so we can spend a whole day at the beach!
Here is a list of prayer requests that I had for last year's beach vacation:

- No sharks nearby while we're in the ocean "riding the waves"
- No one gets stung by a jellfish/stinging nettle or other pain-inflicting creatures
- All of us will be a good witness to those around us
- Have lots of fun
- Not get into any arguments
- Get our Bible time and devotions with Jesus every day
- Have a safe trip to and from everywhere.
- Very little rain so we can enjoy God's creation without the fear of being drenched
And I would add to that:
- No rip tides (or terribly rough seas) caused because of the tropical storm Danny that will be passing by us tomorrow morning.
That's it for now!
There is Internet Access in the house so I might be able to update from the beach!
All for Jesus,
Kimber :)