Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy 16th!

For all those who do not know, today, December 5th, is my wonderful sister, Kimber's, 16th birthday!  In honor of the occasion I was privileged to curl her luxuriously blond hair (I've always secretly loved her beautiful hair...well, it's not much of a secret now :).  After the finishing touches were applied I dragged her outside into the gorgeous December sun for some special birthday pictures.  She doesn't have much experience in this area (getting her pictures taken) and I don't have any clue how to use her handy-dandy camera so forgive us if the pictures aren't top notch! :)  Enjoy the few below!

Isn't she pretty?!
She always wanted curly hair and I always warned her that it wasn't as easy as it looked!
Don't ask me why she has her hand in a fist.....maybe a little bit too much sarcasm ;)?
Her hair practically glowed in this warm December weather
"Charm is deceitful and beauty is passing but a woman who fear the Lord, she shall be praised."Proverbs 31:30

Okay, the up-in-the-sky-look did not work out so well....I am now handing the camera back to it's true handler ;).
Happy birthday, dearest sister!  It's been a true joy to grow up beside you and the memories we share I will forever treasure.  I can't wait to see how Jesus is going to  use you and your many gifts for His glory.  Continue to seek and He promises you will find!
With much love!
Your sister,

The new addition!

We had some pretty good guesses about the new Pony!!  We're not quite sure what type she is but she is really fluffy and is approx. 25 years old, and her name is..... Misty!  So far she's been a great partner to Halle and all the other animals!  We've been riding her (when the weather allows) almost every day and walking her around the field.
Here are some pictures the night we got her.

Getting out of the trailer.  We got her from a friend from church, and they no longer needed her so they gave her to us for free with the hay for the rest of the winter!

As soon as we got her out of the trailer we walked her around the field to know where her limits were.

Needless to say, Seth was a little crazy!:)

We've been blessed to have her, the Lord has answered our prayer again!  Thank you Lord!

The Wassfam