Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 Birthdays in 3 Days!

Two weeks ago we celebrated three birthdays in the Wassenberg house!  Judah turned 1 on September 7th, Lexi turned 14 on September 8th, and Caleb turned 12 on September 9th.  Yep...three birthdays in a row! :)

We started Judah's birthday by going in and singing to him. 

He was a little shocked to see us all!

But everything was better when Mama got him! :)

Mama rocking Judah during devotions.
After devotions, we had our breakfast of eggs and drop biscuits.  Since Judah's birthday happened to be on a Wednesday, we couldn't throw him a big party so we put a candle in his biscuit and sang to him! :)

As with anything Judah discovers, he wanted to touch the candle.  Thankfully Mama held it far enough away.  :)
When the song was over, Daddy blew the candle out for Judah. Then we put the bowl with the biscuit on his plate and let him go after it! :)



Soon Judah was stuffing the entire biscuit in his mouth.  Mama had to retrieve some of it so he wouldn't choke! 

Cleaning off the bowl! :)

Since we never really celebrated his birthday, we did a more formal party 9 days after his real birthday.  We invited Judah's best friend (a.k.a. his cousin, Asher :) and Paw-paw and Na-naw for a yummy feast!

Judah playing with a rainstick before dinner.

The "little guys" table.

Dinner was roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, greenbeans, and rolls.

After dinner Judah opened his presents!

Hannah got Judah a sippy cup and once he saw it, he didn't care about any of his other presents!
Judah got a toy hammer from his cousin, Asher, and Na-naw and Paw-paw got him some outfits! :)

Asher playing with Judah's tissue paper. :)

I guess Judah thought Asher was doing something funny!

Judah's cake was a home-made, chocolate-chip banana cake with fudge frosting.  Hannah helped me decorate with M&M's.

Judah didn't know what to think of everyone singing to him!
(In case you were wondering, that bright spot on his face is a reflection of the candle on my lens!)


After the singing, the eating began!  Every time someone turns 1 in our family, we give them a piece of cake and let them go after it!  It's so much fun to watch...Judah got icing all over his face!

Judah won't leave anything on his plate!

So there you have Judah's 1st birthday!


The next birthday was Alexis'.   We sang "Happy Birthday" to her that morning as she waited for us in bed (in our family, you're not allowed to get out of your bed on your birthday until we come get you!)...
Lexi all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
For breakfast that morning, Lexi chose Cream-of-Wheat and toast/pop-tarts.
We put sugar on our cream-of-wheat.  The recipe calls for salt, and we tried it once, and thought it was disgusting!  So, we go the "sweet route."

Lexi chose grilled chicken, macaroni 'n cheese, greenbeans and rolls for her dinner.

Seth and Mama set the table with our fanciest tablecloth, china, and glasses.

Lexi's dinner plate!
(The roses are just for decor, by the way! :)

Lexi read all her cards and opened her presents after the dinner was eaten and the dishes cleaned up!


Lexi got some candy/snack food that she likes and muck boots for when we get a horse (plus some more stuff I can't remember).

Happy birthday to you!

Lexi wanted angel food cake with cherries and whipped cream for her dessert.

The movie we watched that night (after eating the cake!) was The Fellowship of the Ring (a.k.a. the first movie in the Lord of the Rings set).  We had never seen the LR movies before but Daddy thought us older ones were old enough to see it, so we did! :)  The movie ended late that night, bringing Lexi's 14th birthday to a pleasant end. :)


Caleb's birthday was the day after Lexi's!  He has the neatest birthdate of us all...9/9/99!

Caleb picked out Egg McMuffins, berry crisp, and pop-tarts for his breakfast!  It was so yummy!
Caleb went to work with Daddy that day, and he didn't get back until late that night.  So, we ate our dinner of hamburgers and potatoes without the birthday boy...but we saved him some of it!

After Caleb ate his dinner, he opened his presents!

A big pixie stick!

A lovely card from Miss Lydia. :)

Caleb got some food (do you see a theme here?), a sweatshirt and cowboy shirt, and more!

Caleb's dessert pick was home made ice cream cake.  Seth surprised him with a cardboard Hummer on top!

That night (after the little ones went to bed) we watched the second Lord of the Rings series.  Once again, we were in bed late (they don't make those movies short!), ending the 3 consecutive birthdays in a row!
Kimber :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Father Daughter Retreat 2011- At Callaway Gardens - Part 3!

Ok, yea. I'm a little behind on my Father Daughter Retreat postings. :- | Well, I'm posting now; Aren't you happy!?! =:)  To catch up on what happened last time click HERE.  At the end of that post I said, "Coming up next...more sight seeing...the Cason memorial on the lawn...and maybe, just maybe, a little more! :D..."  So I guess I should start there! :)  

After meandering our way around, looking at the many BEAUTIFUL flowers, we walked on... 
 A very green maple leaf and seed pod
 Robin Lake Beach...No we didn't get in the water- brrr!
 We didn't even get on the shore, but it was a very picturesque area!
 A leaf-strewn path- with Mr. Squirrel posing for a picture too!
 Everything was covered in pollen! I'm so glad I don't have allergies!!! :D
 Ahhhh....So green and colorful!  Winding roads, warm sun, flowers in bloom; what else could a person want!
 Well we moved on and daddy wanted to make sure we saw the Ida Cason Callaway Memorial Chapel that he and Kimber had seen when they went. It is a memorial of what Callaway's foundation is made of- faith in Jesus Christ.  It is sad that we seem to forget our heritages and memorials, so I was glad to witness this memorial of faith and strength in Christ.
 The entrance sign- Ida Cason Callaway was the founder's name (or at least the one who it was made in honor of).
 More azaleas lined the path to the humble chapel.
 This lady saw daddy and myself with the camera and asked if we would like her to take a picture of us- we said yes and the results are as pictured above!
 Great stone architecture was leading towards the doors of the chapel and it was amazingly beautiful and awe-striking!
Inside of the chapel there were arched windows filled with stained glass- hosting a different pattern of nature on each one!
 At the front and center of the chapel there was this little monument that showed great faith in Christ.  When in the inside of this church a hush falls over you- the beauty, the colors, the faith that keeps us strong in Christ our is overpowering.
 These large lanterns enhanced the high ceilings creating a medieval look that was very entrancing.
 The back archway delicately filled in with stained glass as was seen to the left in the picture of daddy and I.
 I know this picture is very large but I wanted you to read it, take in it's deep meaning, and let it touch your heart.
A bible lying on "the Solid Rock" with a cross behind it.  This was at the front of the Chapel.
We crossed this little bridge to get to the Chapel.
This is a little sitting area they had on the other side of the bridge.  It had a mini waterfall running in front and to the side of it.
Just a picture of some bamboo.  I love bamboo- its looks so neat!
I kept on clicking the camera as we drove along- trying to capture all the beautiful scenery.  If you really want to enjoy it's full beauty though, you're going to have to go there yourself! ;)  This road ran alongside a pond- pictured below.
I did get out of the truck for these next couple- daddy was great, and kept on telling me- "Just tell me when you want to stop and I'll stop." and things like that.  He's so nice! : D
I was walking back across the road to get to the truck when I noticed some pretty flowers (there really isn't any shortage of those at Callaway, is there?)!  Of course I had to take at least 1 picture, and so I did.  After I got "the picture" I noticed this little guy sitting on a leaf- trying to hide from me, no doubt. Sometimes I'm scary. ;)  :)
"Ha, ha, ha- I found you!! Can't you take a bath or something?! I mean, you are, like, COVERED in pollen!! Does that not bother you?"
These men were fishing on another pond (I think) that we were passing.  We noticed a HUGE fish in the water on the opposite side from these men.  We told them that we saw it, and after I got some pictures we moved on.
He doesn't look very big in this picture but..he was big! We said that all the fish must just change sides whenever the fishermen move- they're just going in circles! :-) He, he!
 A gazebo that I think we might have visited sometime earlier.

Games on the Lawn
The Lawn. Huge. Beautiful. Lawn. Ahhh....

OK, shake it off Lexi- don't get too memorized!!!  Moving prepared for a lot of words and little to no pictures. :)
We got to the field just on time if not a little early.  They had a loud-speaker and once everyone arrived and they got the technical difficulty fixed, the games begun!! Mr. Phillips led in prayer then explained our first "game".  The group of people was separated into 3 groups by the first letter of their last name.  In other letters A-H in one group, I-P in another group, Q-Z in another.  And then each group was told what song they got to sing.  Yup. You heard me-Singing!! I was excited- a singing contest!! I just hoped we got a good song!  One group got "The Lords Army."  You know, the "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the cavalry, shoot the artillery...."  The next group got the "National Anthem". "Man, I wish we got the National Anthem.  I can sing that one pretty good," I thought. Then it was our turn. We got...."Amazing Grace!"  Yea! Another one I liked! Each group had to sing/act with the emotion the song had.  So, The "Lords Army" group had to act did he put it..I'm not sure, but I'll use powerfully.  That is how they needed to sing.  The "National Anthem" group had to sing..uhhh...what was it!!? For their nation- I'll just use that word.  We had to sing with emotion. Yup. Hands in the air- but not fake, it had to be real -or at least real-looking.  From the heart.  Each group practiced with the couple minutes given to them (it was the same amount of time for everyone) until it was perfected in the way that they wanted it.  Time was up.  Who ever won got first dibs on dessert after the games and lunch.  Everyone OOOOOOOOed and AAAAHHHHHed at this news.   : Dessert!!  The "Lords Army" group started.  They were in battle straight and even rows, and sung powerfully.  Added with the moves- WAH-LAH!  I don't know what everyone else was thinking but I was thinking something like- "Sheesh...I hope we can beat them!"  Next came the "National Anthem" group.  They were positioned in the likeness of a star, and sung beautifully as well.  Both of the groups so far were doing great and I hoped we could match their singing.  It was our turn.  Amazing grace.  We weren't in any particular shape, just scattered.  The girls started with the first verse- some harmonized and some sang the main melody.  Then on the second verse the men went down on one knee and sang.  On the last verse the men stood up again and we sang together.  It was great.  I don't know about the sound of the singing- in my opinion it was good but just singing my heart out was great.  It was over.  Who would win first dibs on dessert!?  Mr. Phillips declared that it was a hard choice and that they couldn't choose.  It would just be normal order for dessert.  JUST KIDDING!! :)  He called his youngest daughter, Virginia, up to decide who would win.  She choose..........THE "LORDS ARMY" GROUP!!! Congrats group #1!!  I must admit, y'all did outstanding!  I guess 4 year-old Virginia could tell too!  They explained the next couple games and their positions on the field before sending us out to our first game!  The first game we did was an obstacle course.  The point of the game was to teach you to listen to your father's voice and instructions. I was blind-folded and positioned at the beginning of  the course.  From there I had to follow daddy's instructions till the end, where I picked up a pine-cone, walked a-ways and put it in the ending bucket.  I touched a few times, but over all...I guess I did pretty good!  The next game was the three legged race.  I think the point of the game was to show that you had to be in step with your father- he needs to be involved in your life.  You shouldn't hide anything from him- you both need to be on the same page all the time.  This game was difficult because daddy is approximately 6 feet tall and then I was only in the upper 4 to lower 5 feet.  My ankle got slightly fabric-burned. ;)  But I was fine.  Next was crochet.  It was full so daddy and I sat on the hill opposite, to wait it out.  Another man and his daughter came up to where we were, to join us in waiting. :)  Daddy got to talking with the man, whose name is Mr. Whalen.  I went off with his daughter Jessica who is 1-2 years younger than me.  I got to talking (not at all un-like me) to see if she would open-up or if she was more of a quiet one.  She opened right up and we had a great time making grass necklaces for our dads and trying to get our grass whistles to work (besides talking, that is).  It was a blast and we hit off right away.  Eventually the crowds wore off and it was just the 4 of us getting ready to play crochet.  I was horrible- I think I've always been! :)  Jessica beat me 2 times at least. :)  Daddy beat me too.  Yikes. : | Not playing that game again! :)  After that everyone was called with the loud speaker for "Lunch on the Lawn." Or was it dinner? I think it was lunch.
Ok, never-mind it being lunch, Hannah just informed me that it was DINNER, not lunch. :)  So after everyone was called for "DINNER on the lawn" we prayed and were told what order to proceed in.  After daddy and I got our food we sat down with Mr. Hulen and his twin daughters Marissa and Myrah that we know from Bread Beckers, and another father and daughter that I mentioned in my first Father Daughter Retreat post- Mr. Yerger and his daughter, Hannah.  Everyone was sitting on picnic blankets eating their dinner while having separate conversations.  About half-way through, daddy got up to (I thought) get some more food and after I was done I tried looking for him but I couldn't find him.  If you know me, you'll know what I did next- worried.  :)  I finally found him (or he found me- something like that) talking to a man whose name escapes me at the moment.  I wanted to find him for 2 reasons- just to know if he was safe and didn't leave me (yes, I'm like that :), and to ask him if I could run off and play with Jessica.  He said yes, and thought I was silly- "You were worried that I would leave you?"  "Yes," I answered.  "Why would I ever do that?" Well, I don't really know the answer to that myself, but I just get all concerned if my only relative in within 624 miles is missing, if you know what I mean.  Anyway, he said that I could go off and play with Jessica (some of her family friends were with her too) so we went frolicking down the hill and had running races and such, until it was time for dessert. :)  When it was time for dessert I looked for my tennis shoes (of course I had taken them off to run in the grass :) at the picnic blanket where I had left them, but I didn't see them.  I told daddy and when we searched again and didn't find them we just went inside for dessert- thinking maybe the Hulens (family friends we had eaten with) had picked them up since I had left to frolic in the grass.  It was quite odd walking into this rather-fancy Mountain Creek Inn Convention Center, barefoot.  But we eventually found the Hulens- and my shoes. :)  For dessert we had ice-cream and chocolate-chip cookies. It was pretty good- though I prefer softer cookies. ;) I couldn't eat all of it because it was so filling.  Daddy said it was filling too! :)  After that, here is the schedule:

7:00 p.m.Opening Session in the Convention Center
  • Time of Welcome and Singing
  • Introductory Comments
  • Message 1
( The words above in blue were taken from HERE which contains the schedule of the 3 day event)

I don't remember exactly what we did after that, but I know I took a shower (daddy checked for any signs of a scorpion in the drain- thanks dad :) and got in bed.  Daddy, if I can remember correctly, took a shower after me, and we both drifted off to sleep (daddy checked my bed for creatures too, if you'd like to know ;) at some time or another that night.  :)

Tune in next time for the following day's events!

Joyfully His,