Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Smoky Fun! :)

"For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea is tamed and has been tamed by mankind."

James 3:7

Smoky (the parrot) has been loads of fun ever since the first day we found him. He surprises us with new sounds every day. Recently he's started talking like a human which is good and bad. The good being that it's fun trying to decipher what he's saying and the bad is that you can't control what he's saying.

Anyways he was talking and making lots of weird noises this morning so Daddy brought his cage into the kitchen so he could be near us. (We wanted him to talk in the kitchen so we could hear him better.) Well, he doesn't talk when people are around him, he just sits and chirps. He was acting like he wanted to come out so Daddy opened the cage door and Smoky climbed up onto the door. Then he started acting like he was going to fly (Mama was protesting that it would fly to the table or poop on the floor, which it did). He eventually decided on...

...Daddy's head! :)

We gave him an apple but he threw it away because he didn't want it.

He just sat up there, walked in circles, and more. Daddy said it felt like a deep head massage! :)

Well, he decided that Daddy's head was a little too unstable and slippery so he went to Caleb.

Taking an apple from Daddy.

He is the friendliest thing in the world. If I could get videos to upload I would take some but I seem to have trouble with that.

After sitting on Caleb's shoulder for a bit Daddy took him and, before putting him in the cage, Daddy stuck his tongue out and moved it around. Smoky thought it very intriguing and decided he wanted to "see" what that thing was...with his beak.

Going after his tongue.

(Daddy is the BEST person ever to photograph because there never is an end to any of his faces! :)

You can get it, Smoky - keep trying! :)

Reach, Smoky, reach! :)

Daddy did keep his tongue from being bit off by closing his mouth just at the right time but I think Smoky was still wondering about it.

Back in his cage."I'll get it next time....just you wait and see"

Just a note to make: We don't know if Smoky is a girl or boy, so my verbage might be wrong (for example, "he" or "him").

Anyways, we love Smoky and if no one claims him real soon Daddy says he's going to get a book to learn more about them (African Grey Parrots) because they are supposedly the "Einstein of the Parrots." We've been trying to repeat words to him to get us to copy us but so far it hasn't worked. He stares at you like "No Comprendo." Mr. Williams (a friend of ours) watched the animals for us while we were at the beach and he tried to teach Smoky to say "Scott" so we would have a pleasant surprise when we got home, but it didn't work.....yet

I really wish you all could see how neat he is but for those who can't, I hope these posts give away a little bit of his wonderful personality!

All for Jesus,