Friday, September 26, 2008

State Fair Updates and Seeding

"Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so."
Genesis 1:11
Today, Alexis, Hannah and I (Kimber) finished our literary table setting for "Black Beauty." We're inviting Black Beauty to lunch. We dropped off all our other State Fair projects on Saturday. The State Fair officially started on Thursday. Here are some pictures of the finished product.

Black Beauty's Meal - most of it.

"Daughters of the King" place setting (Daughters of the King is the group name for Hannah, Alexis and I). One of our friends, Ms. Ives lent us the plate, cup and saucer. They were her grandmother's and she was very kind to let us use them! :)

The table.

It doesn't look very fancy but we had to remember that we were inviting a horse to lunch so it couldn't be too fancy. Also, we had to use what we had laying around the house since we only had a week to prepare for this! The only problem is that the State Fair provides the table and the tables are round, not square, and 36 inches. So, we'll have to see what happens when we got to set our table up tomorrow!


Daddy seeded the horse farm (again) this morning. He hasn't been doing much work for his business but lots around the house, because it's been raining so much. And he can't aerate and overseed very easily when it's raining! Our neighbor, Mr. Hamill provided us with the seed. He's a very giving, kind person. I raced over to the horsefarm, in the midst of making lunch and took some pictures to chronicle this time in our soon-to-be (we hope!) horse/cow/goat/chicken farm!

See how muddy it is? Daddy sacrificed wet shoes and clothes for the many-animal farm! We're hoping to get something started (fencing, barn etc.) either this winter or in spring - really just when the funds are provided!!

Daddy working it!

Skating on Thursday.

The guy in the red shirt/khaki pants is Caleb. Sorry for all this blur!


An owl "cup buddy."

A couple of days ago at breakfast, Lexi was picking apart her bread and she found a doughy piece. Molding it carefully she created an owl!!! He is pretty cute. Alexis has a very creative mind!

Willingly Jesus',

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I have a new signature,

Flowers, Clothes, Cakes & Scuba Diving

The inside of the temple was cedar, carved with ornamental buds and open flowers. All was cedar; there was no stone to be seen.

1 Kings 6:18

Lexi went outside and took some pictures this morning of some flowers.

Morning Glory.

White Morning Glory.

I think this yellow, flowering plant is called "golden rod." I'm not sure though. The fern-like plants behind the flowers are asparagus.

I don't know the name of this flower either. Once the flowers die they produce these pods of seeds that pop open when you squish them.


Seth and Josiah playing together last night.

These are Echinacae flowers in one of our front mulch beds.

One of our 2 cats. Her name is Halo and she has been the mother of many kittens! We gave those kittens away though.

This is Cali our other Calico cat. She is Halo's niece. (We had another cat - who died - named Angel that was Halo's sister and she had Cali)

I thought vacuuming bugs was weird. But putting panty hose on cabbage heads????

(mommy reads that if you put panty hose on cabbage heads it keeps off cabbage worms - well at least keeps them from laying their eggs)

Lydia helping mommy with the clothes!


...and putting away in a basket.


I made Boston Creme Pie last Friday. It ended up tasting great except for the filling. We think the pudding mix was bad.

The layers.

A slice of cake! We had some friends who came over for a little while Friday night so we ate it then.


For 1-2 months our Na-naw had been planning to take us scuba diving. She loves scuba diving along with Paw-paw (her husband) and they go on dive trips all the time. So, wanting to let us experience scuba diving she signed us up for a free class at the Scuba Center ( if you're interested). The date was set for Saturday, September 20th. She (Na-naw) picked us up Saturday morning at our old church (HEFC - while daddy and Caleb cut the grass (see very last 2 photos). In the car with her were my cousins, Erika and Allie. Our Aunt Megan was also coming along (after much pleading) but she was coming later. We went back to Na-naw's house at a snack lunch, watched T.V and left once our Aunt arrived. Our class was at 2:00 PM. Our teacher's name was Ralph. We all had lots of fun staying underwater for more than 30 seconds! We actually put the official gear on also - BC, oxygen tank and everything! It was lots of fun. I never quite figured out how to get the pressure out of my ears (I think it's called "equalize") but I still had fun! Once the 1 hour class was over (it seemed really short to me) we went back to Na-naw's house. By "we" I mean Hannah, Alexis and I (Kimber), our cousins and our Aunt. Everybody, except my Aunt Megan, was spending the night. We had some really good mouth-watering pizza for dinner. Na-naw and Paw-paw went out to dinner with some friends and returned about 8:00. So we had the house to ourselves for awhile! We played "House", "blind" and then we watched "Ice Age" and had some popcorn. We all (the 5 girls) slept in the downstairs play room. Sunday morning, Paw-paw made us a WONDERFUL breakfast of blueberry/corn pancakes (he makes the best pancakes in the world) and sausage. After a couple of showers we all left for church.

Eating lunch. The famous cereal, nuts and crackers!

At the Scuba Center. Na-naw didn't want to be in the picture, hence the face.

Left to right: Na-naw, Erika, Kimber, Allie, Hannah and Alexis

(Aunt Megan didn't want to be in the picture so she took the picture for me)

The 4 scuba divers and photographer/videographer. The age was 12 and above so Alexis couldn't qualify but she went along to take pictures and spend the night.

Left to right: Erika, Kimber, Alexis, Allie and Hannah

The "Scuba Center!"

Putting on the flippers.

Alexis took lots of videos and I had made a slideshow/movie of it but for some reason I couldn't upload it to this post.

Our teacher "Mr. Ralph."

Erika and a fish.

They had a beautiful painting of the ocean floor and some fish along one of the walls. It was beautifully done.

Talking together. And yes, that is my Aunt Megan (light blue shirt) finally in a picture!

We're in the pool! It was a little cold at first but we soon got used to it. It was a salt water pool. Those black things floating around are the BC's that we put on in the water because they were so heavy.

Left to right: Aunt Megan and Allie, Kimber, Erika, Na-naw and Hannah

I'm (Kimber) in the water!

As I said before Lexi took lots of videos so I didn't have very many pictures. Sorry!


These are the pictures of Caleb cutting one of the fields at Hanover, Saturday morning.

It was so funny watching my 9-year old brother bounce and bob across a field as he cut the grass! His head hardly went over the seat! Now for those of you who might be worried about Caleb, he wasn't hurt in any of these proceedings so don't worry yourself over him. Daddy was very proud of his son!