Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lydia Turns 1; Pictures from this Morning

"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,The fruit of the womb is a reward."

Psalm 127:3

Lydia Joy Wassenberg: 8th child, 4th sister, precious and beautiful gift from God. Those are 4 ways to describe her, though I could list so many more. Every day she's lived she has brought us overwhelming Joy and lots of smiles. Seeing her precious face every day light up as she hugs her "baby", eats her food, etc. is just some of the proof that the Lord made children to be a blessing, and not a curse. How could you not want as many as the Lord would bless you with? Why stop these abundant blessings?


Here are a few pictures this morning of her as she woke up. Enjoy!

Waking up with bunches of smiles! :)

This is one of my favorites.

It was Caleb's "turn" to get Lydia this morning (yes, we have turns on getting her up from her naps because we all love getting her!).

Going downstairs.

Saying "hi" to everyone at the breakfast table.

Going to see Mama.

I made a little "Snapshow" (a.k.a. Snapfish slideshow) of her. (I must warn you that the pictures are not organized very well because I had made the entire slideshow up - the organized one - and then I lost it somehow so this was a quick rendition of the first one) You can go view it at

Below are some random pictures I took of her this week:

Mama said that as soon as she started to walk we could put a dress on her every day. Well, she's close to walking so we've started putting dresses on her as often as we can! :)

Riding on her little car (which was Josiah's a few years ago! )

We love you, Lydia!

Overjoyed to belong to Jesus,


P.S - Tonight we're throwing a family birthday party in her honor with the meal being a turkey, mashed potato and buttermilk roll dinner! Red velvet cake is her dessert, home-made with love by her siblings - sure to be yummy!! (she didn't get to pick!).

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Friday Night Practice at HEFC, Sunglasses, and Sprouts

“ Therefore prepare yourself and arise,"
Jeremiah 1:17a
One of our close friends is getting married this Friday. We know her as Ms. Miller and soon she will be becoming Mrs. Glass! :) She has a beautiful servants' heart and loves Jesus with all her might. I've wrote about her before on our blog (http://http//, so some of you may know who I'm talking about. Anyways, Momma, Hannah, and Alexis will be playing music and singing during her wedding (I'll be doing what I like - taking pictures! :) so we wanted to go up to HEFC (, our old church that they're getting married in, to practice music and lighting. We finally arranged (after countless emails!) to go on Friday night with Ms. Miller, her fiance Mr. Glass, and some of their children coming along too to listen. After dinner that night (this was last Friday) we all piled into our oversized van and made it to Hanover Evangelical Friends Church (a.k.a. HEFC) 15 minutes early! We went through the gym, winding through the many halls, until we reached the sanctuary. I had forgotten how big the church was! Once in the sanctuary, Hannah and Momma started playing and practicing different songs while I took pictures until the Millers and Glass' arrived. Daddy and Mommy used to play on the worship team at HEFC so they knew what to use, where they were located, etc. so we were okay for a little while but once they arrived, Mr. Glass was a big help in turning things on like lights, speakers, etc. since he does the soundboard at HEFC.

Alexis and Lydia
Yes - Lydia's socks are falling off! :)

This is what I mean by "I had forgotten how big the church was!" I just kept going "Wow, this is huge!" :)


Caleb and Seth playing around while waiting for the Ms. Miller and Co. to arrive.

Daddy being my "model!"

Momma, Hannah, and Alexis singing.
No, it wasn't that dark in the sanctuary but I wanted to practice silhouettes! :)

Lydia decided she wanted to help Momma play the organ.
First she tried to crawl beneath Momma's legs but it wasn't very firm, so she got a little scared, backed off and then whined until Momma picked her up (she was hungry! :).

Hannah giving the "That didn't sound right," look.

Momma singing and playing the piano.
I had forgotten how pretty Mama's voice was - of course my sisters sounded great too! :)
The end result was that we all were a little bit more comfortable after practicing (I was really excited about photography and Momma was more sure of the music and singing!)

Lydia with some cool sunglasses!
She'll be 1 in two days!

Eden with some neat sunglasses too!

Daddy went back to the RiteAid that was going out of business, and he found these cute, kid-size glasses on sale! They'll work perfect for Eden, Josiah, and Lydia! :)
A year or two ago we got a "Freshlife" sprouter from Bread Beckers. Lexi has become the official seed-changer and bucket washer/cleaner. Momma figured out that sprouts have the benefit of being chock full of anti-oxidents and various trace minerals that are found nowhere else but in sprouts are on the menu.

Lexi cleaning the "buckets."

The sprouts (those little green-white things).
The blue thing at the top right of the picture is the waterer which spins around, watering the plants, every 15, or so, minutes.
From these sprouts, Hannah and Momma have come up with many different salad variations. One of those "salad variations" had pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, carrots, spinach, sprouts, cabbage, French dressing, cauliflower, and broccoli! :) And it actually didn't taste that bad! :)
We have a full weekend up ahead. Thursday night we're celebrating Lydia's 1st birthday, Friday we're leaving our home early to go to HEFC for Ms. Miller's wedding, and Saturday we're going to my cousin's 12th birthday party in Rocky Mount, VA (3-4 hours away). I'm thinking I'm going to make a slideshow of Ms. Miller's wedding, so it might be a few days before those pictures get to the blog. Same thing with Lydia but I'll try and get her pictures on as soon as possible!
Overjoyed to belong to Jesus,
Kimber :)