Monday, February 6, 2012

Kickball and Dinner with the Jackson Family

I've mentioned the Jackson family on this blog a few times, but never really introduced you to them through pictures.  (Just as a reminder, we met the Jacksons when we were looking for a good milk cow.  They had the perfect one, and we bought her, and our relationship with their family has been growing ever since.  Who would've thought that we would get a cow from a family that home schools,  has 11 kids, and lived 15 minutes away?)
Anyways, the Jacksons invited us over for dinner and a game of kickball this past Wednesday.  We gladly accepted the offer!

Now until you meet their family, you won't understand how fun the Jacksons are!  With 11 kids there's someone for everyone and an endless amount of people to talk to.  Mr. and Mrs. Jackson are, quite simply, a hoot and all the kids are lots of fun.  With that being said, we love getting together with them! 

Once we arrived at their house, we talked for a few minutes and then the two teams were formed, and the game began!  (I was slightly injured, so I decided to take pictures instead of playing.)

Eden and Zane Jackson were the team leaders.  Eden's team consisted of herself (obviously), Daddy, Hannah, Lexi, Gabrielle, and Levi.  Zane's team had Ciara, Jude, Kyra, Caleb, and Mrs. Jackson.

Mrs. Jackson kept everyone in line. :)

So, yes, I'm aware that this picture isn't properly focused and that the ball is nowhere to be seen but I thought Daddy's kick was way too impressive to pass by. :)

Mrs. Jackson


Weedels pitched for a little bit and did fairly well for her age. :)

Jude Jackson

Kyra Jackson

 Mrs. Jackson heading for home!

Ciara Jackson


Gabrielle Jackson

Enjoying some team time.


Zane Jackson

Mrs. Jackson claims these socks would help Zane win, so she wanted me to get a picture of them. :)


Daddy was the only person to kick himself home. :)

The first 30 minutes of the kickball game the sun was shining right in the outfielders eyes.  :)

While the kicball game was being played, Elijah Jackson (and Seth) churned the ice cream for dessert later.

Isaiah and Boaz Jackson.

Levi Jackson going home!

Weedels running hard.

Levi stealing the ball from my father :)

Run, Lexi, run! Hannah thinks she is not gonna make it.

The kickball game went on until the sun set.

And now for my favorite kickball picture of the day: My father gettin' nailed in da face  :)

After the kickball game, Caleb and Levi went and shot their 22's and  the rest of us ate dinner. :)

The Jacksons fixed a delectable meal of barbecue, baked beans, and cole slaw. 

After dinner, we played flashlight tag, watched or played on their balance beam and parallel bars (Mrs. Kendra loves exercise...), played a short game of Monster, and then ate dessert.

 We had lovely vanilla cupcakes with fudge frosting and home made mint choc. chip ice cream. :)

We ended the night with a hand-slapping game that we call Ahn-Taka-Tae (I'm sure I spelled it wrong).

Little Boaz gets the honor of the last picture for this post!

There you have a better introduction to the Jackson family!  We had a great time with them, and look forward to seeing them again soon!
Kimber :)