Friday, April 3, 2009

Lydia's Walking! (And a few more things)

"And now here is the king, walking before you; and I am old and grayheaded, and look, my sons are with you. I have walked before you from my childhood to this day."

1 Samuel 12:2

Well, as the title says Lydia is now walking! All over the place! I forgot to mention (on the post about her 1st birthday) that she took her first steps toward Paw-paw the day she turned 1! Now she's been walking everywhere and is enjoying this new activity! I haven't posted pictures of her for a while, so I took some the other day...

Scanning the floor for goodies


"I will eat you!"

" Well, I might not eat you...I'll eat mulch instead!" :)

"Or these sunglasses might work just as well."

As you can probably figure out from the above pictures, she enjoys eating anything and anywhere! :)

I took a video of her walking the other day. One of the big motivations for her to walk somewhere! :) (Or Mommy)


I don't think I've posted this yet but we are planting lots of berries! :) In the Wassenberg household we don't do a lot of things at little bits at a time so when I say lots I really do mean lots! :) We planted around 100 strawberry plants over Friday and Saturday last week and are expecting some fruit trees from our local Southern States. We're getting apple (Fuji and Granny Smith) trees, pear trees, plums, nectarine, and peach trees! (I think around 10-12 trees) Just in case you're wondering where we're putting everything - the side woods that Daddy just cleared is the spot for the orchard. The strawberries are in a garden in the front and the raspberries (yes, we planted those too - one of our favorite berries) are lining the orchard. I think we have around 35 raspberries planted, mulched and waiting to grow! The Lord has been so good in getting everything watered for us! The bad part (with all the rain) being that Daddy just fertilized lots of yards and after fertilization and rain that means the grass is TALL for a lot of people and it's hard to cut in the rain and not have the grass come out clumpy and such. Our yard is looking very lush and green right now - Daddy does a great job with keeping the yard de-weeded and beautiful! :) I'll try and get some pictures to put on here later!

Saturday our cousins, Erika, Allie, Claire, and Gracie came over to spend the night with us! We had lots of fun! I was in the middle of mixing up some ingredients for the coffee cake for breakfast the next morning when they arrived and after they got settled we (the 4 older girls - Hannah, Erika, Allie, and I) rolled out the pizza dough and made the pizzas in an extraordinary amount of time! :) We went and played outside in the beautiful weather, visited one of our Indian Forts (Erika and Allie had a great time swinging on the natural swings until their hands got scraped from the rough vines!), walked up and down our creek, played on the trampoline, ate dinner outside, played different games, took showers, and stayed up until 11:00 recording videos of each other singing different songs (with some terrible percussion :) and then we finally fell asleep. They came to Church with us Sunday and then they went home. :( Hopefully they can come over again! :)


I'm hoping, Lord willing, to get down to the Indian Fort with my siblings and take pictures of the different things everyone designed, and then post them on here too!


Trusting in Jesus,

Kimber :)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Father & Daughter 2009 Retreat - Flower Pictures

"The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come, And the voice of the turtledove Is heard in our land."

Song of Solomon 2:12

Here are the pictures of the flowers (and a few other plants) from when Daddy and I (Kimber) went to the Father & Daughter Retreat in Pine Mountain, GA. Enjoy! :)


Overjoyed to belong to Jesus,


Father & Daughter 2009 Retreat - Butterflies and Birds

"So God created great sea creatures and every living thing that moves, with which the waters abounded, according to their kind, and every winged bird according to its kind. And God saw that it was good."
Genesis 1:21

These are the pictures of the butterflies and other flying things that Jesus helped me capture at the Father & Daughter Retreat last weekend. Enjoy! :)

(As a reminder, you can click on a picture and it will enlarge if you want more detail)

This butterfly was captured while flying which is a pretty difficult task!

Some type of moth in the butterfly garden.

While it was still raining, Daddy took me outside and we walked around until Daddy spotted some bird feeders and a bench. We went and sat down (since it was raining Daddy took off his coat and put it on the bench for me - such a gentleman! :) and soon the birds that had been scared off came around again.

A beautiful woodpecker!

This little squirrel was as friendly as could be. He didn't seem intimidated by us at all but just kept creeping...

...and creeping...

...and creeping until he reached the ground underneath the feeders where all the seeds had dropped from the messy songbirds.

He then went up a tree nearby after he had had his fill! :)

A beautiful cardinal!

Mr. Cardinal again - he wouldn't come very close to us so I was thankful that I had the big lens on (70-200 mm for you camera people, for those not very big camera people the "big lens" is just used to magnify something far away, so it is a lot closer up).


That's all for this post on wildlife and flying things - next are the flowers (my favorite). I do have lots of pictures of flowers, so the next post will not be short! :)

May Jesus bless you all!

All for Jesus,

Kimber :)