Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 2 at Massanutten

We all enjoyed a wonderful sleep-in at Massanutten, on our second day of vacation.

I woke up about 8:30 A.M. and then proceeded downstairs to do my devotions.  Daddy and Mama were in the kitchen fixing breakfast.

Around 9:15 A.M. Daddy was still making us some yummy Egg McMuffins so Mama came and gave a little devotion.

Lydia had the privilege of sitting in Mama's lap during the devotions.

 Josiah listening to Mama-dear.

The boys were extremely interested in what Mama had to say. :)

Chef Scott hard at work. :)

When devotions were over, we all assembled around the table for a scrumptious breakfast.

 Josiah chowing down.

Lydia loves having me take pictures of her! :)

Eating breakfast.

The meal concluded with a delicious treat of blueberry pop-tarts:

After breakfast, we hurried to don our bathing suits before heading to LeClub for a water aerobics class.

You had to be over 16 years old to do the class, so Mama, Hannah, and I did it together.

 The funny thing about this picture is the other attendees:  I challenge you to find someone younger than 60 in this group (other than the lifeguard and teacher)!  We felt a tad out of place but it was still fun! :)

I forgot to say that, before we left our condo, it had started to snow!  It snowed most of the day but only about 1 inch stuck.  :)

 Josiah took this picture of some snow on our deck.  A good amount of it had melted when 'Siah took this picture.

Anyways, it was really neat to be swimming in a pool while it was snowing outside. :)

Weedels in the kiddie pool.

While Mama, Hannah, and I "exercised", Daddy and the boys played basketball (or some other game) downstairs and Lexi watched the younger ones.  No one could be in the pool during our little class, so the younger ones swam around in the kiddie pool.

Once the lesson was over (at 12 P.M.) everyone hopped in the pool for a little swim time! :)

I didn't make it out of the pool in time to get any more pictures of mi familia in the pool.  :-(

After swimming for a little bit, we got out and showered off.  Then we went downstairs and played some more games.

I believe Mama's highlight of the day was getting to play:

Since Mama had stayed home with the little ones the first day we played, she missed out.  (We all knew Mama loved to play racquetball, so we had to make sure she got to play at least once!)  Daddy rented an hour of racquetball and we all got a chance to play!

Daddy serving.

Caleb and Seth getting after it.


 During a break in the turns, Judah would go after the ball.  (Most of us sat in one corner of the racquetball room and watched the others play.  Yes, it wasn't 100% certified safe, but, really, how much damage could a little, rubber ball inflict on you?)

After around 10 minutes of playing, one person would let someone else take their place, until Mama was left. :)

Daddy giving the pep talk. :)

I just had to post this picture of Mama playing racquetball.  You know how racquetball works right?  In short, Daddy would hit the ball really hard against the wall and then Mama would run to meet it and hit it back.  Well sometimes Dad would hit it really hard and Mama would be about to hit the ball and she'd simultaneously kick one of her legs up, squeal, and then hit the ball.  It was pretty funny! :)

 Obviously, Josiah and Seth thought Mama and Daddy were dangerous racquetball players. :)

Despite Daddy's powerful hits, Mama enjoyed herself immensely. :)  After I tired of taking pictures of everyone, I went out of the racquetball room and took pictures elsewhere.  When I came back about 30-45 min. later Mama was still playing. :)

 Caleb playing ping-pong.

 Seth taking a whack at it! :)

Eventually, we decided to go home and grab lunch (it was around 3 P.M. by now).

After some snacky foods, I read my G.A. Henty book, the little ones wandered around, and everyone else played Boggle.
Thanks to Seth for this picture!
Around 7 P.M. some of us went to explore another recreation area Massanutten had.  Hannah stayed home with the little ones, so Mama came along!

The other recreation center was pretty boring compared to LeClub so we didn't stay there long.  Lexi also wanted to go in a spa shop and look at their stuff but it had closed only an hour before.

Short story even shorter, we went to a few other places Massanutten had and then went home.

Once at home, we all put our jammies on and gathered downstairs.  We pulled the sofa beds out and sat on them while watching Jeopardy and a show about noodling (you know...that practice of catching cat fish with your hands?).  While the T.V. rolled, Daddy and I popped lots of yummy popcorn!

When we had popped enough we grabbed a bowl of popcorn and settled on the couch again to watch Sleeping Beauty.

 Hannah giving Judah a bite of popcorn. :)

And the movie rolled!

When the movie was almost over, Daddy served up the little bit of leftover ice cream we had.  All in all, it was one yummy night! :)

The little ones went to bed after the movie ended and then Mama said us older ones could pig out some more (seeing it was the last night of vacation)!  So I had some dried cranberries, animal crackers, and a delicious cereal bar.  :-D

Eventually I went to bed, sad to be enjoying our last night of vacation.

But, to end this post on a happier note, here's a quick picture of our view of the ski slopes at night.

So beautiful!

Kimber :)

P.S. - I've got one more post about Massanutten, then I'll have to fill you in on recent things that have happened.  A quick glance is that our septic tank was moved, it snowed a few inches Sunday night, and Seth's birthday is tomorrow! :)