Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Few Minutes in the Day of A 10-month Old

“So you shall serve the LORD your God, and He will bless your bread and your water. And I will take sickness away from the midst of you."
Exodus 23:25
Over 1/3 of our members are sick. Josiah threw up early yesterday morning, Daddy has the bad cold (with a mixture of the flu) that Mommy had last week and Hannah has some sort of disease too! :) Everyone else is okay (Lydia still has her runny nose still) but we're all dosing up on vitamins to boost our immune system!
Anyways, Josiah slept most of the day yesterday and Daddy called me once, telling me that Josiah had fallen asleep on him if I wanted a picture.

Poor little guy!
He's up and doing things around today but has that droopy-eye look and he's always looking off into space, resting, drinking tea, etc.

Father and Son enjoying a nice afternoon nap in the sun! :)
Now to the subject of my title!!! :)
I was watching Lydia yesterday (since I was the only one who was available!) and I needed some more pictures of her, so I followed her around on the camera, photographing her every move!!

Loving her baby doll.

Loving in a more...violent way.

Love the baby

Pretty smile!

Where should she go now?

Her favorite place...the tupperware cabinet!

It takes her awhile to find the perfect tupperware, so she has to clear everything out so she doesn't miss out on a good one! ;)

Here it is!

At this age...anything tastes good!

Here, Kimber, you can lick it too!
(no thanks)

Onto licking another top

Putting her "hat" on.

I love the way Lydia picks up things. She sticks one little, tiny finger out and picks it up very slowly and then all of a sudden, stuffs the item in her mouth!

The baby hot-spot - a trashcan!
She found a wooden spoon on the floor and, of course, tried to eat it.

Here, Kimber, have a lick!

Okay, well, I'll eat it for you.


Maybe it wasn't as good as she thought!

Then she found a pot top on the floor (no, we don't always have utensils and tops on the floor!).

...And decided they (the spoon and top) would work great for a shield and sword! :)

It's really hard to eat something when you're sitting on it!

After that, she found out that if you bang the spoon on the top it makes noise!
So does the cabinet!

Then she came over and decided she wanted to eat my camera strap.

"I will eat it!"

"Told you."


Okay, not so yummy.

Onto the cabinet.

Playing the drums.
(aka - parmesan bottles)

What do you think, Kimber?

Lydia loves shutting and opening doors...

She tried hiding but...

...to no avail.

Playing with Caleb's skates
(Alexis, Caleb and Seth have enjoyed wearing their skates all day - zooming here and there)

She loves the drying towel cabinets too (and a few times her efforts to open the cabinets resulted in squished fingers!)
Well, that's all for today!
All for Jesus,