Friday, March 25, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lydia's Birthday!!

"Now a certain woman named Lydia heard us. She was a seller of purple from the city of Thyatira, who worshiped God."
Acts 16:14

Lydia's 3rd birthday was celebrated last Saturday (March 19th)!
For about a month or two before her birthday, Lydia would say to me (at least once a day) "My birthday's coming up in March."  Then she'd add "and I'll get chewies."  (Chewies meaning anything sweet! :)  The first place she headed Saturday morning (after we woke her up with our obnoxious singing) was to her special plate whereupon she found...chewies!  She was excited to say the least! :)

Rocking with Mama before breakfast.


Lydia chose chocolate chip drop biscuits for her breakfast!  We also added some eggs and hashbrowns to the menu!

Eating Daddy's awesome eggs!

 As we were finishing up breakfast, Aunt Mae-Mae (and family!) called to sing "Happy Birthday" to Lydia.  Lydia really enjoyed the call! :)

After breakfast Daddy, Caleb, and Seth went to work and the rest of stayed home and gardened. :)  In the process I managed to get a horrendous sunburn which is, thankfully, abating. (The sunburn was my fault too... :)

Later that night we continued Lydia's festivities!
 Lexi face-painted Lydia before dinner and Lydia face-painted Lexi! :)  Lydia will be one interesting artist! ;)

  (We also had macaroni and peas...but those don't get a picture!  Ha! :)

 Ready for dinner!


After dinner came the presents...

...and more "chewies!" :)

Shoes!  A girl's favorite, right?

Some presents took a little concentration to get open! :)

Other than "chewies" Lydia also received some cute little outfits, some play toys and more shoes!
When all the presents were opened, we cuddled up on the couches to watch How to Train Your Dragon.  When we were about half-way through the movie, we paused it and went to light Lydia's candles on her cupcake!

Lydia had funfetti cupcakes with buttercream frosting for her birthday dessert!  Grandma had bought us a cake decorating basket for Christmas and I used one of the bags and icing tips to make some neat designs with the icing.  I love baking desserts! :)
Anyways here a few quick photos of the cupcakes...I can't resist! :)

Lexi and Lydia topped the icing with some sprinkles before dinner!

But back to Lydia...

 "Happy birthday to you..."


Lydia is an expert candle-blower! 
Once the flames were extinguished, we ate our yummy cupcakes and then finished the movie!

Happy birthday, Lydia!  We love you and couldn't ask for a more sweeter, adorable little sister! :)

One announcement before I take my leave:  Caleb and Seth have started their own blog, with Lexi as editor-in-chief.  Since they are the primary caretakers of the 99 chicks they will be updating their blog every-so-often with pics of the growing chicks and some info on chickens.  They're calling their business Solid Rock Ranch Egg Factory and I think you'd enjoy checking out their blog and leaving them a comment.  They'd really appreciate it!  

And, look out!  Healthy, pasture-raised chicken eggs from the Wassenberg Ranch will be ready in about 6 months!

Kimber :)