Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update 14: Lydia

Mommy just called (Paw-paw hasn't returned yet) and said that they'll be released soon and hopefully we'll all be home in time for naps. She says that they can't really tell if Lydia's any better because she's hooked up to everything (poor baby; all those IV's and stuff sticking in her, that makes me shudder and it isn't happening to me!) - she's tried to pull some of the things in her off. Poor Lydia!

So, we'll be home with the whole family today! Thanks so much for the prayers! I'll keep updating now and then, if she gets any better.


Kimber for the rest
P.S - The above picture is Lydia on Paw-paw in the month that she was born!

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  1. Good news. I'm glad she is getting to come home. Please let us know if we can do anything..

    Love you guys,

    The Collins Family