Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Alexis Pictures

"...I will forget my complaint,I will put off my sad face and wear a smile,’"

Job 9:27

Yesterday, I gave the Nikon D50 camera back to its owners. :( I really liked having it to explore and I'm already using my camera as if it had a lens and little viewfinder! :) Alexis is always willing to be my "model" and she's great at posing (I didn't really tell her to do anything). So here are a few of the last pictures I took with it.

Seth - can you find him?

Okay - I know I said these were of Lexi but I had to include these!

Seth by the holly tree

Alexis at our Nativity Scene

Alexis in our entertainment center - where it holds the T.V! :)

Same place, same sister!

Alexis at the window in our room

(the picture is not focused correctly but I thought that the blurred look made it look neat!)

Can you find her?

At the top of our steps looking in the mirror.

Fixing her hair :)

Playing the piano.

Focus, Lexi, focus!


Unless I take more pictures this week, this might be one of my last posts - at least until after Christmas is over! :) (Then I'll be back with more pictures!)

To give you a view of our schedule for the next week:

Saturday night (12/20): Give away cookies to neighbors

Sunday morning: Church, Alexis, Caleb, Seth and Eden sing with the other children at church

After church Sunday: Drive up to our grandparents house (daddy's parents) and celebrate Christmas with them

Monday: leave their house

Wednesday: attend Church's Christmas Eve Service and then open gifts from Mamma and Daddy at home

Thursday (Christmas!): Wake up early and drive over to our other grandparents house and celebrate Christmas there (Paw-paw, my grandpa, makes a wonderful breakfast!)

Sunday after Christmas: our cousins and family come in from Rocky Mount, have some family time

New Years Eve: Attend the service at church or celebrate at our Paw-paw's house

So that's our schedule for the next week or so!

Willingly Jesus',

Happy (late) Birthday, Mamma!

"You shall keep it as a feast to the LORD for seven days in the year. It shall be a statute forever in your generations. You shall celebrate it in the seventh month."
Leviticus 23:41
On Mommy's birthday - December 16th - we all went to Friendly's for dinner that night! Most of Mamma's siblings came and we had lots of great food (including awesome ice cream!) as we celebrated her birthday. Paw-paw (my grandpa) paid for everyone's meals (which was a lot!)he has always been sooo giving. She received lots of neat things like a cutting board with strainer, candle, Bath & Body Works hand soap, etc.

I was swinging on the hammock a day or two ago and started taking pictures of Mommy in our wooden swing. Here she's trying to "blow" a kiss! ;)

Good, country water!

Writing something down

---At Friendly's---

Opening a card

Admiring a candle
---At Home---
Daddy, Hannah, Alexis and I (Kimber) had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond last Saturday to get some things for Mamma. Daddy used the money he had received as a tip from one of his customers, to buy her things, thanks Mr. Gentry. Well, after we got home from Friendly's and a stop by Lifeway Christian Stores she opened her presents from Daddy.

A chocolate sampler from Grandma Wass!

A metal bowl for mixing!
(We're trying to get rid of all of our plastic tupperwares, baking supplies etc. because of all the unhealthy chmicals ( ) that leak out into our food!)

Opening a present with help from Josiah

Opening a present with Seth

Pyrex storage containers!
In all, from Daddy, she got a metal mixing bow, a 8 Pyrex containers, a cookie sheet( aluminum not teflon) and a metal rack for letting cookies cool ('tis the season!).
And mamma wants to say thank you to Thomas and Mrs. Harrel for leaving a "Happy Birthday" comment!
God bless!
Willingly Jesus',

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Domino Effect and Daddy

"A thousand may fall at your side, And ten thousand at your right hand; But it shall not come near you."

Psalm 91:7

I was taking pictures a few nights ago of falling dominoes and daddy. The pictures of daddy are just to bring a smile to your face! Enjoy!

Alexis took this picture of her tower of dominoes!
(The 4 thrones in Narnia is what she created)

Daddy's about to push the dominoes!

Falling dominoes!

More falling dominoes!

Even more falling dominoes!

See the reflection of the falling domino on the table? :)

---The Daddy Pictures---

I'm not commenting on these! :)

---I'm blessed with such a talented Daddy! ;)---

Willingly Jesus',

Monday, December 15, 2008

I was outside taking pictures and Eden and Josiah came out to play in the crisp Fall air. Soon, I turned my attention to them and took some pictures. Here they are!


Eden and Josiah
(Josiah's about to say sorry to Eden for doing something - I forgot)

Josiah - I don't want to say sorry!

Talking through the tunnel

Playing on our swingset

Eden's trying to play "Obstacle Course"
The point of the game is to get across all of the swings, without touching the ground, and then slide down the slide. All of us, when we were younger, used to play that game but now we're all older! :)

Swinging on one of the "swings"
That "swing" had a seat and back attatched to it but it was destroyed so we just sit on the handles now, and swing back and forth! :)

Josiah running towards the swing

This picture isn't focused correctly but I thought the way that Eden's hair spiraled up was neat!

Josiah on one of our wooden swings
(I asked him to go pretend like he was sleeping - for a cute picture - but he didn't lay down very willingly!)

Eden posing for a picture


Swinging some more

Josiah in a seat to small for him, trying to fix his purple boots! :)
I did take pictures of Hannah running across part of our backyard (I was trying something out) but I'll spare you those!
Willingly Jesus',
P.S - Mamma's birthday is tomorrow!

Lydia's Christmas Pictures (and a few with Daddy!)

"In that hour Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit and said, “I thank You, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that You have hidden these things from the wise and prudent and revealed them to babes. Even so, Father, for so it seemed good in Your sight."

Luke 10:21

Lydia got a dress from my Aunt Stacey that is really cute and I really wanted to take some pictures with her wearing the dress. So, I went all over our house and tried to find matching blankets to use as my background (cheap decorating! :). I decided on Daddy and Mommy's bedspread and a silky red blanket that Mommy got for her birthday a few years ago, as my background, with some fake pine trees and a wreath that hangs on our front door, for decor! :) Of the 50-90 pictures I took only 6-9 that came out clear, the others were all blurry (I didn't focus correctly). Here are 4 of them!

Isn't her dress adorable? Of course, Lydia is just as adorable! :)

If you're wondering what that silver object is in her hand...that's part of the wreath. As I was trying to get her to sit still she saw the wreath and pulled the fake, silver holly leaves off! :)


(Mamma and Daddy's blanket is the cream-colored one. You can see the wreath on the bottom left of the picture - she wouldn't stay in one spot for me to get a good picture of her beside the wreath!)

Hannah was my helper in trying to get Lydia to smile - which isn't very easy when she wants to constantly crawl to you! So, we came up with a brilliant idea! We would take the blanket lay her in it and drag her through the house and see if I could get a few pictures of her being stable! It was so much fun! Lydia had this really weird look on her face because she couldn't figure out why she was moving and while Hannah was pulling the blanket with Lydia inside I was crawling and doing lots of other weird things to try and get a good picture!

Now she smiles!

(her hands are blurry :-( -)

Eating the holly leaves


Daddy and Lydia Pictures

Taken in the front yard of our House


I'm a little dizzy, dad!

I love you, daddy!

I want to give you a hug...



Since we're talking about Lydia, I wanted to update you on her crawling progress. She now zooms everywhere and we're constantly watching out for things she could put in her mouth. She even can stand up on stable objects and slowly make her away around them to something she wants!

As always, we love her better than ever!


Willingly Jesus',