Saturday, November 15, 2008

Update 13: Lydia

Well, not much has changed with the situation. Lydia's still in the hospital...I don't know when they're leaving and if they are. Paw-paw just took over some fruit that Hannah and I (Kimber) made them and then he'll bring back a report on Lydia. The doctors want to keep Lydia for another night just to monitor her but mommy doesn't want to stay another night. Daddy needs to work since he didn't work yesterday so he's kinda' caught on what to do. Plus with the rainy weather he might not be able to work.

Anyways, not much has changed. All of us children slept well last night and had a wonderful breakfast made by Paw-paw (our grandpa) and now we're watching Cars.

I've read all of the comments on the posts. Thank you all for the prayers, we're all very blessed to know such caring believers in Christ like you all!

Trusting in Jesus,

P.S - I'll update again if Paw-paw brings home any news other than "they don't know what's wrong with her, but something about her tells the doctors she's not okay," "might have to stay in the hospital longer," etc.! :)

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