Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures of Some Sunflowers and our Family During a Walk

"Then he carved all the walls of the temple all around, both the inner and outer sanctuaries, with carved figures of cherubim, palm trees, and open flowers."
1 Kings 6:29
We've had some sunflowers sprout up all over the yard from seeds we planted a couple of years ago. A couple of the sunflowers are right outside our kitchen window so we watch birds come and peck out the seeds during meals and while we work in the kitchen. One of my favorite birds has been the daddy Goldfinch.

Flowers are just so beautiful! :)

Some of our lavender flowers.

A flower along the road as we walked Tuesday night.
We love to go for family walks along our country road and visit the culdesac and horse farm within easy walking distance. Some of us ride bikes, others walk, and others push strollers or hold babies! :)

Lydia smelling a flower.
I (Kimber) illustrated for her a couple of months ago how to "smell," which consisted of me going "smell, smell" and then sniffing as LOUD as possible so she gets the idea of "sniffing." She caught on after awhile but most of the time she just sticks her nose right in the pollen, draws away, and rubs her nose with her hand. At least she gets the point (sort of! :).

Another view.

That's the reaction we normally get after she "sniffs."

Letting Hannah take a whiff.

Well, the pollen finally got to her! :)

The sun setting over our neighbors' (the Townsends) field.

The country way of getting around #2.
Daddy did Josiah first but he rode on the part where Mama's feet are (he had a towel wrapped around it so it wasn't so hard). Then I went on, then Hannah, and finally Mama. It's actually pretty fun! :) And, no, there were no accidents...Daddy's a great driver! ;)


Hannah burning some rubber.
Well, not really, those marks were just in the road. I'm working on getting different angles when I take pictures, so I got down on the ground and took some pictures (including the one above).

Our domicile.
All for Jesus,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

THE Corn Process

"He who gathers in summer is a wise son; He who sleeps in harvest is a son who causes shame."
Proverbs 10:5
Two of our neighbors planted some sweet corn and invited us to take as many as we would like. (Like I've said before, we're extremely blessed with the neighbors we have!) Of course, that means A LOT of corn for our family...because if we don't use all of them, someone else we know will! We've shared the corn (we had too much) with people at church and with family. We've also canned and frozen lots of it! :)
Here's an idea of how the process of picking, preparing, and canning goes (illustrated with pictures of course!):

The country way of getting around...kidding, but seriously the little ones love riding in the wheelbarrow (I do too! :)
We could walk to our neighbors' patch, so we are very conveniently placed in between our neighbors fields. The wheelbarrow in the above picture was filled with corn when we were done...and that's the biggest wheelbarrow I've EVER seen.

Daddy found a process of picking and dumping that worked great!
He would pick the fat cobs and throw them behind him in between the rows and then one of us would go behind him and pick them up and put them in a 6-gallon bucket.

Here you get an idea of how it worked
(Caleb is that little blue thing in the picture)

'Siah in the corn!
(Doesn't he have such beautiful eyes?)

Eden found a corn!

A 5 gallon bucket filled-to-overflowing with fresh corn...right off the stalk! :)
We then dumped the buckets into the big wheelbarrow and when that was done Daddy loaded it onto his trailer and we drove/walked/rode bikes home.
We didn't shuck and de-hair the corn (so it would stay fresher longer) but we did get to canning it a few days after.
The way we canned (or froze) it this year was by washing, then blanching the corn. Then we dumped the hot corn into ice-cold water, drained them, and took them over to those who were taking the corn off the cob. Then we (using a knife or a tool especially for taking the corn off the cob) removed the corn from the cob and placed the corn in a bowl and then into clean jars. Then we put hot water over those and then sealed them and hot water bathed them till they were done. For the corn that was frozen we just put the corn into quart or gallon size freezer Ziplocs and stuck them in the freezer for dinners or soups.

Hannah and Caleb showing us their corn-covered hands and workspace.

Some of the beautiful corn.
The corn variety is nicknamed "peaches-n-cream."

The corn cobs that went to the chickens (they love the corn)!

Talk about a sticky mess! :)

Eden and Josiah always play together so well while we're working.
This is a Lincoln Log fort they built.
Anyways, that's our corn process! :)
All for Jesus,
P.S - We celebrated my Aunt Stacey's birthday on Saturday with our family. Her birthday was Monday (the 13th)...Happy Birthday, Aunt Stacey!