Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Moms Day "Home Alone"

"...and she was left..."
Ruth 1:3

Last Wednesday morning Daddy announced that he would be staying home for half of the day.  I then suggested that he take us all "out" so Mama could get some time alone to work on our next year's school schedule.  Daddy liked the idea, so after cleaning up breakfast, doing our chores, etc. we left the house!  The first place we went was Ritz Camera!  I was so excited!  While I was there I got to try out the 60mm and 85mm macro lenses!!!  And I learned so much from the guy helping us out...I'm really excited about all he taught me.  I could've stayed and listened to him for hours. :)  Just for fun, I also tried out the 10.5 fisheye lens and a lens that went up to 600mm.  All of you who are familiar with cameras know what I'm talking about, but if you don't, 600mm is very close-up!  The human eye sees at about 50mm, so 600mm is like 14 times greater magnification than our eyes!  

I must add, before showing you the pictures, that Hannah and everyone else did a great job keeping the little ones under control as Daddy and I talked to the camera man (his name was David).  I know that had to be hard!

[On another note, I can't end this post like I normally do because blogger is giving me, just know that we had a wonderful day and that Mama finished our next school schedule!]

This was with the fisheye lens.  Hannah didn't want to be a model, thus the hand! :)

And, of course, I had to give you the picture of Daddy last because it's the funniest out of all of them! :) model.  She always is willing for me to experiment on her!
See what I mean?

Caleb smiling for me!!!      

After Ritz Camera, Daddy took us to Trader Joe's and we bought some food.  Then we went to Chuck E. Cheese's!   As you can tell, Seth was excited to be there! :)
Seth and Lydia riding Arctic Adventure.

Lydia doesn't look excited. :)
Lydia on a ride.
Fun, fun!

Pizza! :)  Delighting in Jesus,