Monday, November 17, 2008

Update 15?: Lydia

"When Jesus heard that, He said, “This sickness is not unto death, but for the glory of God, that the Son of God may be glorified through it.”

John 11:4

Who knows this verse may come true....

On one of the comments someone asked if they ever diagnosed Lydia with anything. Well the answer to that is, not really. They know she swallowed something and she has to pass it but beyond that they don't know.

Lydia's current condition, isn't much better than it was on Friday, or Saturday. She's really clingy (wants to be held constantly - which works out great because we love to hold her!), and about every 20-30 minutes she starts gagging again. It's like all of a sudden she pulls her legs up to her chest, bends over, and starts gagging and most of the time this stringy, long, clear thing of mucus comes out of her mouth. Just at the dinner table tonight, as mommy held her, she coughed up some dried blood and stringy mucus. The dinner table wasn't exactly the best place to see that happen but when is it ever? :)

We're trying to be the same light-hearted family we are most of the time but every time she starts that "routine" again, it is hard to smile or laugh. We try to smile and continue the conversation, but it is difficult. We all just kind of sit there and stare at her. It's really sad. I bet she would appreciate being normal also. Mommy says she's still in pain every now and then. Poor baby.

We wish we knew she had something - instead of this continual "I don't know what's wrong." If she was older she could talk and tell us what hurts instead of just looking at us with drooping, puppy-dog eyes with tears trailing down her cheeks. :(

So, Lydia's condition: not gagging as bad, but definitely not right. Please keep praying for complete healing for her and that she won't catch any of our colds on top of what she's already going through.

Thank you so much!

Willingly Jesus',

P.S - Josiah's birthday was November 6th. I never got a chance to make a post about him and won't probably get the chance now, with all Lydia's going through, but I didn't want to forget him. He's a special, little guy and we love him very much!

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  1. We are still praying for complete healing for Lydia. We love you guys and hope everyone is back to normal soon.


    Mrs. Collins