Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Lexi and Caleb's B-day Party and an Update on Judah

"And I thought to inform you..."
Ruth 4:4a

Before I get into Lexi and Caleb's birthday party, I wanted to do a quick update on Judah!

Before dinner on Friday night, Mama came down for the first time since having Judah!  We like to have Mama stay upstairs for a few days, so she can have some bonding time with the baby.  It also helps her relax and recover after the labor and delivery.  

Coming down the stiars.

And she's down!  Judah actually looked at the camera for this picture - I was so proud of him! ;)

But on to Lexi and Caleb's birthday party.

Mama made it downstairs about 30 seconds before the Nice's arrived!  They stayed for about an hour, held the baby, played outside, and split some wood (thanks guys! :) before leaving! :)  Then we ate dinner that consisted of steak, mashed potatoes, greenbeans, sugar snap peas, and buttermilk rolls!  Caleb had picked out this meal for his birthday, so we were celebrating his birthday that night.  (We also celebrated Lexi's birthday that night...)

After dinner, Caleb and Lexi opened their presents.
A knife!  (By the way, Caleb loves this thing! :)

A fuzzy blanket for Alexis.  
Lexi is the cold-blooded one in our family, so anything fluffy and extremely warm is her favorite thing! :)

Candy for Caleb....

...and Alexis! :)

More candy for Caleb! :)

Tissue paper! :)

Finally it was time for ice cream cake!

Caleb's cake this year was layered (from the bottom up):
Oreo ice cream
Crushed Oreos
Vanilla ice cream
Homemade whipped cream (a.k.a. Cool Whip in our family)

Blowing out the candles.

After everyone got a piece of cake, we piled onto the sofas and watched Facing the Giants before going to bed.  So, that ended Caleb's birthday party!  Even though we let Lexi open her presents on Caleb's birthday party, we still let her pick out her own movie to watch on the next night (Saturday).  She decided on Ben Hur - a family favorite!  The movie was so long (3 hours and 42 minutes or something) that we only watched the first half.  The last half of the movie was watched on Sunday night.  Lexi also has her big 13th birthday party coming up on Saturday.  We've been planning what food we're going to buy and everything - we're excited! :)


Is anyone enjoying this beautiful weather, like I am?  I absolutely love Fall!  (I know it isn't officially Fall yet, but it feels awful close!)

Mama has been taking Judah outside to get his "Vitamin D" from the lovely sun and to enjoy that crisp breeze.
It's been wonderful. :)


On another random note, Caleb built a block tower last night while he was playing with Lydia.  He wanted me to take some pictures of it, so here they are:
It's amazing that this tower stood for so long with Lydia in the room! ;)

So there you go - another little update on the Wassenbergs!

Today the Huizingas came over to visit little Judah. They brought some delicious Texas Toast and a french apple pie!
Tomorrow, Lydia and Judah are going to a doctors' appointment.
And, hopefully, we'll start school before it's winter! :)

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :) :)

P.S. - To any and all who have sent their congratulations on Judah's birth - THANK YOU!!!  It is so wonderful to have another little brother!