Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Finishing the Addition Roof

Last time I posted concerning the addition, the rafters had been put up!  The Saturday after that (which was 3 Saturday's ago) the roof was finished!  3 of the windows were put in as well!

This is the side view of the back of the house.  :)

The crew (and Dowy :) nailing OSB to the rafters.


Daddy taking some shingles up to the roof.

Josiah enjoyed getting to watch the guys nail the shingles onto the roof.

While Lexi was up on the roof taking these pictures, she took a shot of our lovely garden:
There you have an "aerial" view of our garden patch...I think it's bigger than it's ever been before (shock!). :)  At the time of this picture we had kale, spinach, various lettuces, broccoli, beets, onions, potatoes, pea pods, and peppers growing.

That's a long way up! :)

After the guys finished the roof, we had lunch!

Doesn't that look delicious?  (And the desserts aren't even pictured! :) I'm so glad I remembered to actually get a picture of all the lunch food!  

One Saturday, we had ordered a deli tray for the guys to have sandwiches.  Well, we discovered that it is much cheaper to buy different packages of lunch meat and cheese at the store, and arrange it yourself, than it is to buy a tray! :)  Lexi rolled and organized every piece of cheese and meat on the above pictured plate.  She also added the sprigs of parsley for the "fresh" look. :)

After lunch, the guys nailed some more stuff in (I forgot what it was called :).
Next came the windows!

One of my handsome, young brothers. :)

This is Josiah, sticking his head out of a hole in the wrap to see what was going on outside the addition. :)

Making sure the window works. :)

Eden handed Mr. Luis (left) and Mr. Reynolds (right) the nails for this window.

Thus concluded another day of addition work!!  The crew is coming out again this Saturday to do some more stuff, but I won't have any pictures for you because Hannah and I graduate that day!!!!!!!!  Ah!!!!

And, since I'm already here, I wanted to show you some pictures of our turkeys.  Yep, we have three baby turkeys!  The poor things haven't appeared on the family blog yet, simply because I've forgotten. :)

 Of course, these pictures were taken about a month ago, so the turkeys are much bigger now, but these pictures will have to do! :)

If you're wondering why we bought three turkeys, I'll leave you to guess simply from their (nick) names:  Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's. :)

Such cute little guys!!

Have a great week everybody!!!
Kimber :)