Friday, February 5, 2010

My Little Alien

"You will reduce the noise of aliens..."
Isaiah 25:5a
I was taking Lydia potty this morning and decided to do her hair.  I first started with two piggy tails but ended up with one more at the end.  She looked like a mini alien - so cute!  Here are her pictures:

That's the look she gives me when I use the flash...I think she looks at the flash instead of the lens.

That's better!

Blowing bubbles with Daddy

Blow, Lydia, blow!


While I'm here I might as well update you as to the weather here.  It's been snowing since this morning.  It was very, very light at first but now it's swirling down quite nicely.  Since it's so wet here it hasn't been sticking too much, but it is now.  Maybe we'll get another couple of inches!  We're all hoping that the power doesn't go out though - that would be a cold night!

You can barely discern all of them but those dots are the snowflakes.

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Homeschool Night and Snow!

Friday, January 29th we had another homeschool night.  Na-naw and Paw-paw (my moms' parents) arrived after dinner and after clean up was finished.  Alexis and Eden had disappeared and soon came downstairs in princess attire!

Eden, Alexis, and Lydia.


For dessert, we decided to make one of our favorites...homemade, hand churned (by Daddy!) ice cream!!!  It really is the best.

Of course, I couldn't get by without a picture of the ice cream cranker! 

Yes, it was probably below freezing as Daddy made the ice cream.  I don't think he used a whole lot of ice! :)

Back inside now...
(we were waiting for Daddy to finish the ice cream before we began)

Babies are so cute aren't they? ;) 

Lydia had soon got Paw-paw's hat and was going around with it on.

Fun, fun!

Lexi making the Lydia pouty face.

When the ice cream was finished, we started "the homeschool night."

Caleb played a ryhthm he came up with on his guitar and read some scripture verses.

Eden read a book, sung a memory verse with Josiah, etc.

Seth read us some interesting sentences he made up of each member of the family, played some notes on his chanter, played Jingle Bells on the piano, etc.

Lexi read her WriteShop report and...

...shared some of her art with us.

This is how Josiah quietly plays during our reports! :)


There's a really funny story behind the picture of me (Kimber).  I had to hand over the camera to Hannah so I could read my report.  Well, I had a speedlight mounted on the camera.  A speedlight is a huge flash that you use to "bounce off" of something like the ceiling.  That gives you the soft look without any shadows behind the subject in the picture - if you do it correctly.  Anyways, Hannah turned the camera sideways for the picture of me and (I think) forgot about the huge flash.  So she focused on me, and FLASH took the picture - bouncing the obnoxiously bright flash off of Paw-paw's head.  Of course it blinded him for a few seconds but otherwise, he was fine.  It was absolutely hilarious! :)  Hannah then proceeded to hand the camera over to Daddy! :-D

Na-naw and Hannah laughing...

Hannah read her WriteShop report...nice face :-)

and then we had ice cream!!

The ice cream counter.

Does that not look wonderful? (from the top looking down)

And for my favorite picture of the night...
Beautiful Eden Rose.

Na-naw and Paw-paw left after eating some ice cream and telling us some stories (one of our favorite things to have them do).  We then went to bed and woke up the next morning to peacefully falling snow!  It was at least 2-4 inches before we even woke up. 


"Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow."
Psalm 51:7

It never really stopped snowing until Saturday night.  We got about 10 inches.  It's melted a bit with the temperature being above freezing, but there's still a bunch left!  And it's supposed to snow some more with some ice or something this weekend too!  The Lord has definitely answered Josiahs' prayers for lots of snow this year! :)

Sunday morning, I went out and took these pictures.  I was praying that the sun would still be out when I finished my devotions, to get the pictures I wanted and it was! :)

Snow is so beautiful, isn't it?

This is why I wanted the sun to be out!  It was casting beautiful shadows on the freshly fallen snow!

Just to give you an idea of how deep the snow was...

It was deeper than that in lots of places though! :)

One of the beautiful things about snow is that it sparkles like millions of diamonds when the sun is shining on it. 

It's so pure, so bright...just like we should be as Christians! :)
(It's so neat how the Lord uses things in Creation to remind us of how we should be)

Our faithful puppy! :) Carmel

And the last snow picture for today!

Sunday morning after doing a chapter in Balancing the Sword, we all donned our snow gear and went outside!  (Everyone except Mama, that is)  We trudged a bit through our woods but mostly ended up staying directly behind our house where there is a good size hill.  The snow was light and powdery which was perfect for sledding!  The boys, Alexis, and Eden were the ones who sledded the most.  They went out yesterday and the day before that too.  So, we've definitely got our fill of all the snow! 

I'll have a few more pictures coming...Daddy and some of the younger ones made a huge (over 6 feet tall) snowman.  Stay tuned!

Delighting in Jesus,
Kimber :)