Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lydia's 4th Birthday

Lydia turned 4 this past Monday!  She got to have her birthday dinner one day early though.  Grandpa and Grandma were able to come visit us so we wanted to celebrate Lydia's birthday with them.  

After we got home from church, Daddy started cooking the chicken and hot dogs out on the grill.  We ate dinner mid-afternoon and it was yummy!

The pretty birthday girl waiting for dinner.
(If you didn't notice by the above picture, Lydia had a fever that day, so she wasn't feeling the greatest.)

Grilled chicken = yum. :)

Hannah made my Aunt Megan's mac 'n cheese recipe...taste this stuff and you'll never want to go back to the boxed ever again!

Grandma brought a really yummy pot of beans, too!

All in all, dinner was delicious!

Lydia went and laid in our bean bag after she had eaten a little bit...feverish birthday girls get special privileges. :)

Book time with Daddy.

After dinner and clean-up Lydia got to open her presents!

Shoes from Grandpa and Grandma...

 ...and a pretty dress!

Money for her piggy bank...

..and some new clothes!

Lydia also received some yummy snacks and a princess kit that contained lotion, lip gloss, and the like. :)

Lydia wanted a princess cake with pink frosting.   So, we made her a devil's food cake in a heart-shaped pan, frosted it with strawberry icing, and stuck a Polly Pocket in the top as a princess. :)

(The "princess" makes it look like she's turning 41, doesn't it? :)

After the candles were blown out, we proceeded to eat all of the cake. :)

We ate too much cake, so we decided to go down to the horse farm to walk it off...and to pet the horses. :)

So, I know I've told you that I'm working at this horse farm.  Well, this horse is the one I've been helping break and have the privilege of riding whenever I want.  Her name is Sassy.

Judah loved grabbing some clover and "feeding" the horses!

These are two yearlings (one year olds) at the farm...the one in the back is Rosie and Romeo's in the front.  They're both pretty cute! :)

 And one last picture of Sassy because I can and because she's a horse and, thus, beautiful. :)

Once back at home, we talked with Grandpa and Grandma some more, enjoying their humorous fellowship. :)

We closed out the night with freshly popped popcorn and Bolt (per Lydia's pick).

The next morning, on Lydia's actual birthday, we had her special breakfast!

Lydia was feeling much better on her actual birthday. :)

 Lydia's special breakfast consisted of cereal, scrambled eggs, cinnamon toast (pictured above) and pop tarts.  The pop tarts were the biggest hit. :)

Eating breakfast.
Happy birthday, Lydia!  You are such a sweet little girl and we love you SO much!

Kimber and the rest

P.S. - My brother's egg blog, formerly Solid Rock Ranch Egg Factory is now Solid Rock Ranch Eggs.  As such, their blog address has changed and can now be found at this address:  Please check out their blog...they do a wonderful job with their chickens and I can personally testify that their eggs are DELICIOUS!  Also, if you ever need eggs and are in the Mechanicsville area on Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights, contact us and we can let you know where to locate us!  Or if you just want to swing by and pick a few dozen up, just call Mama's phone.  All these details should be on their blog soon, so check it and let Caleb and Seth know what a great job they're doing!