Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day from the Wassenbergs! :)

"So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed only a few days to him because of the love he had for her."
Genesis 29:20
We all went to Maymont yesterday (Friday) afternoon because of the beautiful weather. One of the other reasons was so that I could take pictures with my new camera! That's what I new camera!
On Tuesday and Wednesday, two mysterious boxes arrived and the mail and were supposedly "for Mommy on Valentine's Day." Then Wednesday night, right before we were leaving to go get pizza before church, we opened it! Inside the cardboard box was tons of camera supplies! In the other box was a backpack, memory card, etc. I got 3 different lenses, 3 UV filters, a speedlight, the Nikon D90 camera and more! Daddy had sacrificed lots of sleep to research what accessories and camera he should get, saving probably over 400! :) I've really enjoyed figuring it out and have taken over 700 pictures already! I'll be posting as many pictures as I can whenever I get the time!
So, the new camera was the real reason we went to Maymont! :)
Since, Valentine's Day is today and we went to Maymont yesterday, I thought it would be appropriate to take husband/wife pictures of Daddy and Mommy. They weren't exactly dressed for pictures, but the photos still came out okay! :)
(To see the pictures in full size just click on them and they'll "blow up")

(I'll post the other pictures I took soon!)
We don't have much planned for today. Daddy and Mamma are planning on going out on a date whenever Daddy's gift (from Mommy) gets here.
We have the Nash Luncheon at our house today and so we've been cleaning up and cooking. I made a cake for Daddy and Mommy but when I tried to get it to the metal rack to crumbled. So we're having crumbled cake with icing tonight! :)
Overjoyed to be Jesus',
P.S - Alexis did get up early this morning and made us a wonderful breakfast, sacrificing her Saturday sleep-in! :) Thanks, Lexi!