Thursday, March 31, 2011

Father Daughter Retreat 2011- at Callaway Gardens!

Last weekend daddy and I (Lexi) went to the Father Daughter Retreat hosted by Vision Forum at Callaway Gardens in Pine Mt. Georgia! (whew! That was a run-on sentence! :)  We left at 1:00 AM on Friday the 25th and arrived around 10:30 AM the same day.  I had been looking forward to this special time with daddy for a long time! :D  We had lots of fun together and I can't wait to share some of the wonderful pictures that daddy and I took!  Kimber surprised me by packing her camera and accessories in the truck the night before we left, and we also got yummy food from various members of the family that we usually only receive on special occasions and the like!  Thank you family for all of your blessings~ We love y'all!  Anyway- I was going to try and edit all the pictures before posting but I had a request to post right away!  So here goes!  

~ The First Day ~ Friday March 25, 2011 ~

Time- approx. 7:00 pm (Thursday)~  Daddy goes to bed and I check over all the "last minute things" before also retiring to bed.
Time- approx. 1:00 am (Friday)~  Daddy is up!  I wake up to mommy's gentle rubbies and she tells me it's time to go!  Daddy makes a coffee and Mommy makes me a Coco-Pure which really is good by-the-way :). Daddy and I pray with mommy before heading outside to leave (everything was packed when I woke up).  We got on the road and I had mixed emotions of "YEA!! We are finally ~after months of waiting~ on our way!!" And, "I'm going to miss everyone.."  Once we were "on the road" we called a friend of ours who was also going to the Father Daughter Retreat with his twin daughters!  No, we didn't just randomly call him, he had left us a text-message that told us to call them when we got on the road..and so we did!  When we called they told us they were stopping at a hotel for the night in Spartanburg, SC!
While taking a picture of the passing cars, the slow shutter speed on the camera (because of little light) made the various lights on the road show up in this interesting formation!
  After that I looked at the food everyone packed and found a note from Hannah and Kimber!  Hannah told me to enjoy my time and the yummy food and Kimber told me that she packed her camera and bag!!  Of course I was shocked, then I was thankful deep down though on the outside I was nervous that I would lose something ;) ! I fell asleep after awhile and then woke up and talked with daddy and then fell asleep and woke up and talked get the point!  I told daddy to tell me when we neared the "Welcome to Georgia" sign so that I could get a picture of it.  We (well Daddy) saw the "Georgia sign" at 7:11 approx.  I was taking pictures of the water underneath the bridge that the sign was on and daddy was like, "There it is, there it is!" and was pointing ahead so I thought I had a couple seconds to take a picture of the water...and well I missed it!  So.. I took a picture of the "Visitors Center" sign instead!
There you have it!  The "Georgia Visitor Information Center" sign...just pretend it's the real deal, ok :) ??
 A beautiful Georgian Sunrise!
 Another Picture of the Sunrise!

Now before I show you the next 2 pictures I'll tell you what happened. (no peeking. ;)  While daddy and I neared Atlanta, GA the traffic got worse and worse.   There was a single HOV lane that had a sign stating 2+ only.  So we were contemplating whether that meant "More than 2 people" or "Two or more".  We decided upon the "Two or more" option ;)! It was SO amazing to see how many people were driving single!  There were very little cars on the HOV lane and SO MANY on the normal high-way!  Well, I won't make you wait any are the pictures!
 In front of our "Noble Chariot"....
And behind our "Noble Chariot".

 By-the-way the "Noble Chariot" was dad's name for his truck once we got it all polished up inside and out!  He likes to have everything nice and spotless (pretty much ;) when he takes his daughters out! :) Such a caring daddy ~ I love him!  

 Atlanta Skyline
I loved the shapes of some of these buildings! They were so unique!
Perhaps when they built this they were trying to go for the "peach" shape? I know it is a blurry photo but I liked the structure! :)
 A Fathers Hand of Protection and Guidance  is necessary in a girls life...I would never choose to try and figure it out on my own!  I am so glad that my daddy is willing and caring enough to be involved in my life; it is such a blessing from my heavenly father!  I'm glad HE (the Heavenly He) is in my life too!  I'd never go without either one!

I don't want to make this post too long so I'll leave you on this note- 
We DID get there...see the flag?
We SAW the sign....

...And got lost...

All coming up on my next post about the Father Daughter Retreat 2011 in Pine Mt,GA!

Hope you enjoyed!
His Princess,
Alexis ♥