Friday, September 19, 2008

State Fair Projects Update and Lydia

"They were also the chief officials in charge of Solomon's projects—550 officials supervising the men who did the work."
1 Kings 9:23
Time for an update on Solid Rock Ranch! :) Everyone has been working on their State Fair Projects and we officially finished them - tags and all - yesterday! It ended up that Caleb didn't do anything and that I just did photography. That's fine to all of us though! Here's the pictures of the finished products and their artists and/or photographers!

Hannah decided to be silly as I was taking the picture so that's what the weird look on her face is! :) She drew a horse. Not pictured is the Buttermilk Rolls that she's going to make next Friday.

Here's all my pictures matted and tagged.

Alexis with her projects. Left to right: Eden & Josiah in sunlight on Resurrection Sunday 2008, her drawing of a reindeer and last but not least her clay ballerina bear!

Seth and his drawing and clay creation! His drawing is of 2 penguins in Antarctica - :) - and his clay sculpture is of a bridge with a river running beneath it. He's so creative that he also added 2 rocks (those gray forms) with water splashing up on them! The green grass even has holes to make it look life-like!


I'm letting Josiah and Eden help me make lunch every day and yesterday we rolled out some dough for breadsticks. Josiah ended up with flour on his shirt and pants!

Sorry for the unrotated picture, I tried to get it to right itself but to no avail.

We had the sun coming through the trees again one or two days ago. The rays spread across the whole backyard making a picturesque scene to gaze upon once we were awake! I couldn't get all the rays in one picture without having our hammock or swing-set in the picture.


Caleb, Seth and Josiah did their daily tackle and chase game a few days ago. That's what this picture is. Circling, stalking each other waiting for a vulnerable chance to spring upon their "opponent!" Don't worry about Josiah, he handles himself very well as he "tackles" his older brothers!

Little Miss Lydia and her brother, Josiah, who loves her alot!

Now, standing on the table isn't normally allowed but the younger ones love using it for a "stage" or something to spring off of onto the couch! Josiah is trying to make Lydia smile.

Lydia chewing on a tag! :)

Umm...maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all!

This is another video of Lydia in her walker. (Actually it was Josiah's walker but things get handed-down in a big family! :)

Speaking of Lydia, she has a fever today and isn't feeling very good. Mommy holds her most of the time and I've hardly heard her make a noise today, which is very unusual. We can't wait to have our healthy, smiley Lydia back. Earlier this afternoon her temperature was 102.9. Poor baby! :(

Now for an update on Daddy's tooth! He doesn't have any pain anymore and everything seems to be working okay. He can chew on both sides now even though he bites his tongue a lot from trying to use his cheek as a tooth! :) He's not sure if he's going to get a fake tooth or just be toothless in that spot forever!

Willingly Jesus',

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rain Coats and Lydia

"And the rain was on the earth forty days and forty nights."
Genesis 7:12
This morning since it started drip-dropping (raining) Josiah got out his cute little rain coat, hat and boots to go help Seth with the chickens.

What a cute little guy!

I took these pictures during my time with Lydia again. She's wearing her first Fall outfit now that the weather has cooled off!

What did you say???

Oh, that is something to think about!

Hmm...what do you think that metallic thing is - the one that's pointing at my face?


Run!!! It's after me!

By the way she scoots across the floor all the time now!

Here's a video of her "scooting!"

Willingly Jesus',