Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Alexis Pictures

"...I will forget my complaint,I will put off my sad face and wear a smile,’"

Job 9:27

Yesterday, I gave the Nikon D50 camera back to its owners. :( I really liked having it to explore and I'm already using my camera as if it had a lens and little viewfinder! :) Alexis is always willing to be my "model" and she's great at posing (I didn't really tell her to do anything). So here are a few of the last pictures I took with it.

Seth - can you find him?

Okay - I know I said these were of Lexi but I had to include these!

Seth by the holly tree

Alexis at our Nativity Scene

Alexis in our entertainment center - where it holds the T.V! :)

Same place, same sister!

Alexis at the window in our room

(the picture is not focused correctly but I thought that the blurred look made it look neat!)

Can you find her?

At the top of our steps looking in the mirror.

Fixing her hair :)

Playing the piano.

Focus, Lexi, focus!


Unless I take more pictures this week, this might be one of my last posts - at least until after Christmas is over! :) (Then I'll be back with more pictures!)

To give you a view of our schedule for the next week:

Saturday night (12/20): Give away cookies to neighbors

Sunday morning: Church, Alexis, Caleb, Seth and Eden sing with the other children at church

After church Sunday: Drive up to our grandparents house (daddy's parents) and celebrate Christmas with them

Monday: leave their house

Wednesday: attend Church's Christmas Eve Service and then open gifts from Mamma and Daddy at home

Thursday (Christmas!): Wake up early and drive over to our other grandparents house and celebrate Christmas there (Paw-paw, my grandpa, makes a wonderful breakfast!)

Sunday after Christmas: our cousins and family come in from Rocky Mount, have some family time

New Years Eve: Attend the service at church or celebrate at our Paw-paw's house

So that's our schedule for the next week or so!

Willingly Jesus',

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