Tuesday, December 23, 2008

(Update:) Neighborly Neighbors!

UPDATE: Just today, again, we had 3 more neighbors bring us goodies. A gingerbread house, cream-filled brownie cookies, chocolate nut bread and Amish Bread are what they all brought!
Abundantly blessed,
"Everyone helped his neighbor, And said to his brother, “ Be of good courage!”
Isaiah 41:6
We are blessed with the most wonderful neighbors! As I mentioned before, our family did our annual Christmas goodie pass-out the Saturday before Christmas. Well, just today, two of our neighbors came by and blessed us with some goodies! One of our neighbors, the Weimers, dropped by a whole bag of home-grown kiwi! And they were practically organic too! Mr. Weimer dropped off the kiwis earlier this morning. He has a big old beard and is so fun to talk to! Another one of our neighbors, the Townsends, dropped off some cookies, candy canes and pound cake while we were opening Christmas cards. And then when we got home last night there was 1 gift on the steps for us from another family (the Robinsons)! In that bag were some yummy peppermint-pinwheels and fruit! We are so very blessed to know all of our neighbors. The neighbors that are directly beside us, always offers their things up for us to use (including their pool!) and they were also the one who gave us the Clover seed for the many-animal-farm! Then the other neighbors beside us are always ready to come help whenever they can and love to have us come over and visit. I could rant about all the wonderful things our neighbors do but I think you get the idea - we're blessed!
Willingly Jesus',
P.S - Oh, well this isn't my last post before Christmas!!! We had a great time at our Grandparents house. I didn't take too many pictures though (it's hard to relax if you you're worried about missing out on a good picture! :).
Jesus is the Reason for the Season

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  1. You ARE Blessed and Loved! Merry Christmas!