Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy (late) Birthday, Mamma!

"You shall keep it as a feast to the LORD for seven days in the year. It shall be a statute forever in your generations. You shall celebrate it in the seventh month."
Leviticus 23:41
On Mommy's birthday - December 16th - we all went to Friendly's for dinner that night! Most of Mamma's siblings came and we had lots of great food (including awesome ice cream!) as we celebrated her birthday. Paw-paw (my grandpa) paid for everyone's meals (which was a lot!)he has always been sooo giving. She received lots of neat things like a cutting board with strainer, candle, Bath & Body Works hand soap, etc.

I was swinging on the hammock a day or two ago and started taking pictures of Mommy in our wooden swing. Here she's trying to "blow" a kiss! ;)

Good, country water!

Writing something down

---At Friendly's---

Opening a card

Admiring a candle
---At Home---
Daddy, Hannah, Alexis and I (Kimber) had gone to Bed Bath & Beyond last Saturday to get some things for Mamma. Daddy used the money he had received as a tip from one of his customers, to buy her things, thanks Mr. Gentry. Well, after we got home from Friendly's and a stop by Lifeway Christian Stores she opened her presents from Daddy.

A chocolate sampler from Grandma Wass!

A metal bowl for mixing!
(We're trying to get rid of all of our plastic tupperwares, baking supplies etc. because of all the unhealthy chmicals ( ) that leak out into our food!)

Opening a present with help from Josiah

Opening a present with Seth

Pyrex storage containers!
In all, from Daddy, she got a metal mixing bow, a 8 Pyrex containers, a cookie sheet( aluminum not teflon) and a metal rack for letting cookies cool ('tis the season!).
And mamma wants to say thank you to Thomas and Mrs. Harrel for leaving a "Happy Birthday" comment!
God bless!
Willingly Jesus',

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