Monday, December 15, 2008

I was outside taking pictures and Eden and Josiah came out to play in the crisp Fall air. Soon, I turned my attention to them and took some pictures. Here they are!


Eden and Josiah
(Josiah's about to say sorry to Eden for doing something - I forgot)

Josiah - I don't want to say sorry!

Talking through the tunnel

Playing on our swingset

Eden's trying to play "Obstacle Course"
The point of the game is to get across all of the swings, without touching the ground, and then slide down the slide. All of us, when we were younger, used to play that game but now we're all older! :)

Swinging on one of the "swings"
That "swing" had a seat and back attatched to it but it was destroyed so we just sit on the handles now, and swing back and forth! :)

Josiah running towards the swing

This picture isn't focused correctly but I thought the way that Eden's hair spiraled up was neat!

Josiah on one of our wooden swings
(I asked him to go pretend like he was sleeping - for a cute picture - but he didn't lay down very willingly!)

Eden posing for a picture


Swinging some more

Josiah in a seat to small for him, trying to fix his purple boots! :)
I did take pictures of Hannah running across part of our backyard (I was trying something out) but I'll spare you those!
Willingly Jesus',
P.S - Mamma's birthday is tomorrow!

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