Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Van Break-Down!

"My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience."
James 1:2 - 3
Monday morning we headed back to Westmoreland Berry Farm to do some more picking. We were hoping to get some raspberries or pie cherries. Once we got there the only fruit they had that was pick-your-own was blackberries, which we didn't want. So, we just bought some peaches, nectarines and blueberries again. Some of us were glad we didn't have to do any picking in the 90-100 degree weather (plus lots of humidity). Then we went to fill up on gas in Tappahanock at a Sheetz gas station. We were reading books and waiting to get back home when the van (daddy left it running while filling up so we could have some air conditioning in the humid car) started to "rumble" and sort of shake so mommy turned it off. Once daddy got back in (with a full tank of gas) he tried to start it but it would only start for 2 seconds and then turn off. He tried this many times and eventually most of us went inside the gas station because it was so hot. Caleb and I stayed in the car (I had a good book to read!). A very nice person came over and tried to help us - it worked once and we went around the gas pumps but then it stopped and wouldn't go further. Eventually we called a tow truck and the van got towed to our auto-mechanic (Andy's Automotive and Transmission) and we went home.
The tow guys and daddy.

All us hot and sweaty children with mamma. Lydia was such a good little girl!

View from the back as the van is getting pulled up.

Josiah was enthralled with the big truck and just kept his mouth open most of the time - eyes wide with wonder. He made a friend with the driver. Josiah stood up on me (don't worry about us being illegal - the driver said that when you're in an emergency situation - which we were - you can ride with him in the truck without seatbelts (of course if you can use seatbelts you should but with 10 extra people and 4 seatbelts let's just say that didn't work)) and kept touching the drivers hat. Thankfully we had a nice, easy-going driver!

Daddy and mommy were thankful that we didn't have to have any more adventures and got home safely but I wanted to have more "adventure" and maybe stay at a motel and get some friends/family to pick us up! Well, Jesus' ways are always best!

Adonai's daughter,


P.S - Our van is NOT a new car (1999 to be exact). We (well the nice guy that helped us) said that the problem with it not starting was the fuel had "trash" and stuff at the bottom and just kept getting clogged.

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