Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Update on Daddy's Tooth

"Like a bad tooth or a lame foot is reliance on the unfaithful in times of trouble."
Proverbs 25:19
This morning daddy's tooth was feeling better (maybe a result of prayers....) but we (daddy and I) went to the dentist. He was about 5-10 minutes away. We got there and they asked questions on a clipboard like who is your pediatrician? when did you last visit the dentist? etc. all involving health care pretty much. Those who know us know that we don't really do doctors and dentists (feel free to ask my parents why - they'd love to explain!). We went in the room and a dental lady asked some questions and then the head dentist came in - Dr. David Townsend (he is the brother to our neighbors). He examined and poked around the tooth and it didn't hurt daddy (prayers work...). Then he said he would need an x-ray to examine and diagnose the problem. Daddy rejected having a x-ray due to radiation. The dentist said "Well, you get more radiation walking from here to your car then getting an x-ray." Daddy answered "Well, the radiation (from the sun) is not concentrated in one spot (radiation stays in your body forever)."
End result: we didn't get the tooth "fixed" because we didn't get an x-ray.
Prayers I believe work - thanks for helping us save a few hundred dollars! Jesus is good!
I'll continue to update on his tooth...
On a darker note: our van is not doing too well. It has some sort of electrical problem, they are thinking, because of different things. That means close to thousands of dollars before we can find the problem. Any prayers offered up would be wonderful!!!
Adonai's daughter,
P.S - Please don't get us wrong about the dentist/doctor thing. We're not against them - they are there for a purpose and have saved many lives (doctors). Please ask questions if you have any! We're not against them.

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  1. Hi Kimber,
    I just found your blog recently and am reading back through it. Do you mind me asking why your family don't use doctors & dentists?
    Feel free to email me the answer if you wish!


    P.S: your blog is very enjoyable :-)