Thursday, November 20, 2008

Pictures of Lydia during her "Choking Time"

Well, little Lydia is the happiest, bundle of joy today! We have our Lydia back! And there is no doubt that because of the many prayers offered up on behalf of our precious sister (and daughter) that Jesus had mercy on her and saved her life. Thank you all so much! We're acting like toddlers every time we see her smile and laugh! We haven't seen her smile for a week. By the way, yesterday was Lydia's 8-month birthday! The day her "star" was removed! Praise Jesus! When they (Hannah, Mommy and Lydia) got home last night and we had finished watching movies when we were younger, we talked for a little bit before bed. Mommy said that once the ENT put the scope up Lydia's nose and down into her throat he was looking around and all of a sudden said "oh, wow, OH, WOW, foreign object!!!" He goes "It looks a star." Mommy was like, thank you somebody finally believed that something was wrong with my baby! (The star was balanced on her esophogus and something else, if I remember correctly - it could've tottered over to one side and fell into one of the "pipes" esophogus/wind pipe etc. and then they might've had to do emergency surgery) And mama almost cried; she was so relieved to know her mommy's heart was right and that Lydia was choking for a week! The surgery didn't take very long (I thought they were going to cut her open but they just somehow went into her throat and took pliers - or something like that - and pulled it out. They still used anesthesia.) and they let them out soon after!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD,The fruit of the womb is a reward." Psalm 127:3

This is Lydia on Friday morning, I think.

I know this isn't Lydia but I took some pictures of God's creation the other day and I thought I'd share them now, to celebrate our great Savior!

Lydia when she got home last night (Wednesday)

Still a little sleepy

(some of these pictures are out of order - sorry!)
Eden and Josiah looking for Mommy, Hannah and Lydia to return.

Lydia and I (Kimber) some day when she was sick. She loved playing with my necklace and would chew on it constantly.

Same day, same baby, same problem
Now those were pictures of when she was sick and this is a video I took this morning of Lydia playing on the floor! Enjoy!

Thank you all for your prayers!!!!! (On the next post I'll be putting a picture of the star she swallowed just for you to see)
May Jesus bless you all,
P.S - We (Hannah and I) just gave Lydia a bath (she wasn't too happy with that) while Mommy and my 5 younger siblings are off skating. She's asleep right now.

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