Sunday, October 14, 2012

And They're Off!!!!!!!!!

 Remember Mama and Daddy's special anniversary present?  Well, today they left for their 6-day cruise to the Bahamas! :)

We went to Calvary Chapel Newport News for church this morning, and then headed straight to the dock.  Luggage tags were obtained and, after some time of waiting for Daddy to show up (he went to park the van), we all said goodbye.  We weren't allowed on the ship, so we said goodbye on the bottom floor as they prepared to depart.  For some the departing was a little tearful (truth be known, I did blink back the tears too!) but then we walked away and everyone got better from there.  (Still kind of sad saying bye to your parents for a whole 6 days!)

We heard from Mama a little while ago and the ship was leaving the port.  She said their bedroom and balcony was very nice.  They ate at some grill for lunch and she said that there are soft serve ice cream places everywhere (can you imagine??)!  Boy, if I ever went on a cruise, I sure would be fat when I got off!! :)

Lydia (left) was happy before the goodbye!  

The ship, Carnival Glory, (right) was massive!  I just kept going Wow, that's a big ship and it was!  Would love to go on a ship that big one day! :)

The weirdest part about this cruise is not being able to hear from Mama and Daddy for 6 days.  It costs $1.50+/minute to call from the ship and we don't have a laptop, so they can't email us.  We'll just have to wait and hear all about everything when they get back this Saturday!

Until then, keep all of us left at home in your thoughts and prayers please!  Never been alone for 6 days before!

Kimber :)

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  1. I hope your parents have a marvelous time on their cruise! I'll be praying that the week goes by quickly for the rest of you.