Thursday, August 23, 2012

Follow up on Mom and Dad's Anniversary Present

Ok, So I said I'd post a video...but it's not working. :( Sorry.  Instead I took pictures of the answer! :) In order for Mom and Dad to find their gift we sent them on a wild goose chase! :)  Each time would end in a card with a clue to find the next card.  Here's an example from one of the cards:
Sorry the picture is blurry..I had to copy it since blogger is being bad. ;) 
When they had found the last card it told them to sit down at the kitchen table for us to reveal the secret. On the back of each clue-card we wrote different words that would spell out their surprise gift. Read the cards below to find out what their BIG GIFT is!!! 

Yes!! They are going on a cruise in October to the bahamas!! They are going through the Carnival cruiselines on the boat Carnival Glory! 
This is their ship:
Copyright of Carnival Cruises
 They have a balcony room like this:
Carnival Glory Balcony Stateroom 
 The ship is 952 feet long and can hold 2974 passengers with 1150 on-board crew! It also has 14 levels!!
Go HERE to explore the ship!

They are very excited (they haven't been alone- for more than a few hours- since they had Hannah 18 years ago!)!  It is 6 days long!!!

Anyway, that's it for now! Have a blessed week!!

Joyfully His,

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  1. Wow!! I can't think of any other couple who deserves it more! They are amazing! Wonderful, Godly parents who love and adore each other and their children and are raising up the next Godly generation! How did y'all pull off this surprise??