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Blow-Out Birthday Bash Post

So, because I haven't posted in so long, this post will be on the 4 September birthdays in our family!  If you're wondering why I haven't posted on this blog in so long, it's because the Lord has continued to bring me photography opportunities...and I have to put my customers first.  Since I don't have any pictures to edit this week, I can focus on our family blog!  Hopefully I'll get our family blog caught up soon.

Judah had the first September birthday on Sept. 7th.
We started off his day by waking him up with our usual "Happy Birthday" song:

Then we came downstairs and had breakfast!
Judah is, obviously, a bit too young to pick out his breakfast so we had cereal, scrambled eggs, and pop tarts.

 Judah really enjoyed his Cinnamon Toast Crunch!

Sharing his cereal with Daddy!

We had pizza for dinner that night because it's a universal family favorite!

While we were sitting around after dinner, Judah got to open his presents!
He went crazy for this little worm! :)

 No, Judah didn't get to eat this whole bag of skittles.  We just gave him a few as a treat!

 He loved this little cup Hannah bought for him!

Time for the cupcakes!

I made some Devil Food Cake cupcakes with buttercream icing for Judah.  We decorated the cupcakes with some of my Wilton cake decorating supplies.  Everyone got to ice a few cupcakes, which was fun and produced a wide variety of icing style! :)

Waiting to dig in!  ("Nums" are Judah's favorite!)

 Judah was an expert at blowing out his candles!

I guess the cupcakes were good?! :)


Birthday #2 was for Lexi as we celebrated her 15th year!
Lexi was already up when we went in to sing "Happy Birthday"! :)

This was Lexi's happy birthday plate.  :)

Lexi had sausage casserole and toaster strudels for her breakfast.
Gotta' love decorating your own strudel!

 Lexi received a Happy birthday call from Aunt Mae-Mae, Cadence, Justus, and Asher during breakfast.  It's always fun to have your family call you on your special day!!

This was Lexi's birthday dinner table.  We set it with Mama's crystal and our best table cloth...and threw in some paper plates for easy clean-up! :)

Candy corn was our appetizer.

 Daddy's fabulous hamburgers was the night's main course.  We also had mac 'n cheese and greenbeans.

Eating dinner together (we were pleased to have Lexi's best friend, Jaime, join us for the special event!).

Presents followed the delicious dinner:

 I know this picture is blurry, but this is our new favorite movie!!!

Junk food is a staple gift for our family birthdays!


Jaime made Lexi these two things!

We ended Lexi's special day with her amazing ice cream cake (my personal favorite) and, of course, Thor. :)


Birthday #3 was Caleb!  He "became a man", turning a whopping 13 years old!

Caleb chose Egg McMuffins and Pop-Tarts (pictured below) for his birthday breakfast!

Hannah declared that Caleb's dinner would be Western themed, so everyone dressed up in their best Western gear! :)

The little Westerners waiting for dinner. :)

Lexi set the table very appropriately and tastefully!
It was fun getting to drink out of Mason jars! :)

The man of honor! :)

Caleb wanted to have grilled salmon, cheesy potatoes, green beans, and Italian bread for dinner.  It was all delicious!!!
Chewin' on some salmon. :)

After dinner, we all sat around the table and watched Caleb open his presents.

Caleb loves sour stuff. :)

Lovin' on the little man.

We ended the night with the ice cream cake and a movie!

Love Caleb's face! ;)

Caleb had a very minty (and, thus, delicious) ice cream cake.


The last birthday for the Wassenbergs in September is Eden.  She turned 9 and we had her birthday dinner this past Saturday.  Grandpa and Grandma came down for the special occasion and it was so nice to have them!

Grandpa and Daddy cooking the burgers.

Gotta' love having sisters!

Eden loved the Twizzlers we put out for her appetizer. :)
 Grandma brought her dog, Lucy, and Judah loved her!

Grandma and Hannah talking before dinner.

We fixed hamburgers, au gratin potatoes, and green beans for dinner Sat. night.

After dinner, the presents were opened!
(No all of those presents weren't just for Eden...Grandpa and Grandma also brought birthday presents for Lexi, Caleb, and Judah.)

Judah was the first one to open his gifts.  We were going to let Eden go first (seeing as it was her birthday) but she didn't want to, so Judah did!

Judah was thrilled to find some balls in his present!   As soon as he unwrapped the balls, he would throw them!

Judah got his own tableware set! :)

 Caleb got a new fishing rod and fished with it for the first time Wednesday!

Lexi received some nice clothes and other assorted items! :)

Lucy kept Lydia company during the present-opening. :)

Weedels was the last one to open her gifts!

Grandpa and Grandma brought Eden some dresses and a nice pair of shoes.

Eden got some candy, coloring books, a journal and other paraphernalia from us.

 Time for cake!!

Eden had a mint ice cream cake was a little bit different from Caleb's but still delicious!

Hope you all made it through this long post!  There's lots more for me to post on, but we'll see what I get to in the next few weeks. :)
Kimber :)

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