Saturday, August 4, 2012

The New Pantry!

See!  I told you I'd post in rapid succession! :)  One of the many new things that we acquired was a WONDERFULLY HUGE pantry!  Our previous pantry was tiny (holding only some food items) and now we have just about everything -as far as food goes- in our new panty (including the spices which used to be in their own cabinet)!  It is very nice and was done by a good friend of ours who does carpentry work.  His name is Dowy!  Well, that's not his real name, but that is the one that we call him by. :)  Not only is it bigger but it is much more well done.  Instead of pieces of un-sanded wood we have sanded, routed, and just all-around-beautiful wood! :)  Now, I know you are dying to see pictures by now so here you go!

 Yes, I'm afraid we do have to start at the beginning before you get to see the finished product.
 He had to build the entire thing from scratch (except part of the back wall).
 We used to have our fridge and freezer up against this wall so we had to move them across from the new pantry.
 Their place across from the panty for the time being. :)
 Guarding the pantry. ;)
 Okay..we are going to (really) jump ahead.  To the end. ;)
 The doors (minus the handles which are now installed).
 TA-DA!!!  Isn't it just gorgeesimo! 8D
 The left side.
And the right side! :)  It is very crowded for now because we don't really have any cabinets.  But that will change soon! :) Oh, and if you're wondering what the string is, it is our temporary handle to turn on our light.  The light was put in by Mr. Crowe.  I was going to put some pictures of Mr. Crowe installing the light (for the pantry) on this post but I couldn't find them. :(  

So there you have it!  Our beautiful new pantry! 
I will post again soon!  Have a blessed week!

Joyfully His,

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