Saturday, August 4, 2012

Canned goods so far! :)

 We have been very busy (as you all cans tell by the *previous* absence of posts on the blog), but mom still manages to make time to can our garden goodies!  :)
 Dill pickles and potatoes!
 We have canned 28 quarts of potatoes,
 23 pints of dill pickles,
 9, 1/2 pints (not nine and a half) of peach jam,
 14 quarts of peaches (in apple juice),
32 quarts of peach sauce,

(sorry, no picture)
14  quarts of spaghetti sauce,

(sorry, no picture)

14 quarts of pizza sauce,

and last of all (and least of all)...

(sorry, no picture)

4 pints of tomato sauce!

138 cans in all!!  That sounds like a lot, now that I think of it. Oh, and yes, I used a calculator! ;)

We usually would have canned tons of green-beans by now, but it seems that this year has just been hard on them. :( Mixed feelings :)  The plants are big, leafy, and beautiful but the beans just won't grow past a certain size! We have still had enough for a few meals though so I'm not complaining at all. :)  We probably wouldn't have the time to go full fledged into green-bean world like we usually do anyways! :P 

Here is a picture of what that full fledgedness in green-bean world looks like:

 Some-times two of these size blankets. :)  Yeah, it takes at least 4 hours. :)
 And that's with (just about) everyone helping!
 Wow, my hair was long back then! :)
 Eden Rose
 Josiah David
 Even Lydia helped (eat) the green-beans, raw! ;)
 Judah and Seth looking on...
 The clipped and halved beans!  Basket #1.
 And Box #2!
 Then it's canning time!
And there you have it!  These pictures are from last year I think.  We don't have half this many green beans this year though. Which is good (in a way), because we don't have half the time we did then either! :)

Have you canned anything this year?  Do you plan on canning?

Have a blessed week....I hope you are enjoying the many posts (because it probably won't last long ;)!

Joyfully His,

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