Saturday, August 4, 2012

Siding the addition!

 Wow.  Long time no post!  We have been extremely busy lately (and still are) but I'm going to try to update y'all on the (not so) recent happenings at the Wassenberg house. :)  The last post on our addition was on "Finishing The Addition Roof".  This post is going to be about putting in our doors and siding the house!

Getting to work!
  Un-packaging it (I know that's not a word but when you can't think of a word you just make one up! :)
 Now it is finally ready to go in!
 You know me...I can't resist taking pictures of picture-worthy things! :)
 Ok, I don't know how picture worthy this is, but hey this is one nice toad!
 This picture is here because..I put it here! No, not really (well, yes really in a way ;).  I just thought it was funny how the spider has a fly right next to it!  I guess it was tracking it down! ;)
 Applying glue (I think) to the doorway.
 Multi-tasking.  Go Mr. Woodson! :)
 And it's.....
 Okay...maybe not.  The door was a little short so they had to put some wood in the door frame to make it fit. :)
 Stetting it down.
 Mr. Reynolds running to get something.
 And...he's back! 
 Will it fit?
 .......... :- |
 YES!! It fit! Whew.
 I know this is very awkward looking...but hey, somebody had to do it! :)
The ever-seeing eyes of mother! :)  Just kidding...but she does see everything! :)
 Okay, so currently you have NO idea what is happening in this picture.  Well, we were getting ready to put the other door in and figured that we would have to put extra wood in just the same as before.   Well, we were wrong. :) Yep, you heard me right!  The doors were two different sizes! So we had to take down the wood we had just put in! 
 This is when Mr. Reynolds was making the wood to fit in the 2nd door frame.
 This was when he put it in..before we found out that we would have to take it back out again! :)
 Papa-bear (as he is affectionately called).
 Putting the door back in.
 Now it fits! ;)  If you look at the top of the two doors you will notice that they are different heights.  That's okay though.  The handles may also seem to be in a weird place.  They actually were put like that on purpose.  You see, one door is the "OUT" door (opening to the outside) and the other door is the "IN" door (opening to the inside).  We did this so that if you're inside you use the right-hand door to go out and then when you're coming back inside you use the left-hand door.  I hope you're not too confused! :)
 Um...Hi dad..don't ask about the thingy between da eyes....
Drilling the door in place and we're done!

Now to the siding. :) 

Mr. Reynolds came with a young man on a week day and finished the side with no windows (or doors).  So this time (a Saturday) the crew was doing the other two sides. :)

Here goes!

 SIDING!! Dun-dun-dun.
 Mr. Louis using the snips.
 Mrs. Wren and Mr. Louis with a piece of siding :).
 The completed back-side!
 Mr. Woodson at the vinyl. :)
Caleb and Mr. Hare on the scaffold with Mr. Woodson and Mr. Trusty looking on. :)

That is just about all the siding they finished that day since we were (eventually) putting in a window upstairs. They would have had to re-do the siding if they had finished it completely since we were putting in the window.  We actually put in that window today! :)

So there you have your long awaited update! I (Alexis) will be posting for awhile for Kimber.  She has been very busy working at the barn and doing several photography shoots (not to mention editing them) with more coming up.  So that's why you're stuck with me for awhile. :)  Sorry. :)

Have a blessed week and be looking for the next post coming up in rapid succession!

Joyfully His,

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