Monday, September 19, 2011

Wednesday at the Beach

Wednesday was another great day at the beach!  I woke up early for a sunrise photo shoot with Mr. and Mrs. Etheredge (friends from church).  They got to stay for most of the day with us!  For breakfast we had a huge variety of stuff to eat! :)

Daddy made a huge variety of egg dishes and Paw-paw made different kinds of potato pancakes. :)

We had some great fruit at the beach!

Daddy making something "eggy." :)

Seth doing his Bible time before breakfast.

Eden, Josiah, Cadence and Justus, in the elevator. 
Justus would come up to me sometimes and say "Kimber, will you take me on the elevator?"  The little ones loved opening the doors and going for a ride up and down the floors.  (Some of the older cousins/brothers loved to pull the alarm and scare us all.  The alarm was louder than a fire alarm, no kidding.)  Loved might be an time I was getting ready to take Justus in the elevator with me and soon a swarm of little cousins showed up hoping for a "ride".  That ride was very I had no room to move...but the little ones laughed and smiled like crazy! :)  [The next few rides I went on in the elevator I shut the door and pushed the button for what level I! :)]

After breakfast, my Aunt Steph and cousins, Erika, Allie, Claire, and Gracie arrived!  They made the already fun vacation even more fun!

Wednesday afternoon, we played 2 games of Mexican train.  It was a lot of fun! :)

Lexi , Collin, and Caleb swimming in the hot tub.

Dinner that night was some yummy chicken, Mae-Mae's AWESOME macaroni 'n cheese, greenbeans and rolls. :)

I don't have much else to add to this post...but the next post on Thursday will have lots of beach pictures!  I had edited the post before this one but somehow it didn't save my changes...but look for an updated "Tuesday at the Beach" post soon, too!   I also have to post about the 3 recent birthdays in our family:  Lexi, Caleb, and Judah.  

I know I haven't mentioned anything else about the cow since the post that we got her, so I'm going to update you!  We love milking Halle...sometimes we have a friendly fight over who gets to milk her. :)  She's a great cow.  The milk bucket has been "knocked" over twice but it was probably our fault for not moving the bucket fast enough when she was moving.  :)  Daddy gets up faithfully every morning around 5:30-6:30 A.M. to milk her for us (no one fights over the morning milking! :).  It's so neat driving by our field and seeing Halle...she looks huge compared to our chickens! :)  She really is a blessing!  Mama and Seth made a pint of butter from her cream last Saturday because in one week, we got 2 gallons of cream!

So there's a quick update on Halle.  Now off I go to edit more posts!  
Kimber :)

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