Wednesday, September 21, 2011

3 Birthdays in 3 Days!

Two weeks ago we celebrated three birthdays in the Wassenberg house!  Judah turned 1 on September 7th, Lexi turned 14 on September 8th, and Caleb turned 12 on September 9th.  Yep...three birthdays in a row! :)

We started Judah's birthday by going in and singing to him. 

He was a little shocked to see us all!

But everything was better when Mama got him! :)

Mama rocking Judah during devotions.
After devotions, we had our breakfast of eggs and drop biscuits.  Since Judah's birthday happened to be on a Wednesday, we couldn't throw him a big party so we put a candle in his biscuit and sang to him! :)

As with anything Judah discovers, he wanted to touch the candle.  Thankfully Mama held it far enough away.  :)
When the song was over, Daddy blew the candle out for Judah. Then we put the bowl with the biscuit on his plate and let him go after it! :)



Soon Judah was stuffing the entire biscuit in his mouth.  Mama had to retrieve some of it so he wouldn't choke! 

Cleaning off the bowl! :)

Since we never really celebrated his birthday, we did a more formal party 9 days after his real birthday.  We invited Judah's best friend (a.k.a. his cousin, Asher :) and Paw-paw and Na-naw for a yummy feast!

Judah playing with a rainstick before dinner.

The "little guys" table.

Dinner was roast beef, mashed potatoes, carrots, greenbeans, and rolls.

After dinner Judah opened his presents!

Hannah got Judah a sippy cup and once he saw it, he didn't care about any of his other presents!
Judah got a toy hammer from his cousin, Asher, and Na-naw and Paw-paw got him some outfits! :)

Asher playing with Judah's tissue paper. :)

I guess Judah thought Asher was doing something funny!

Judah's cake was a home-made, chocolate-chip banana cake with fudge frosting.  Hannah helped me decorate with M&M's.

Judah didn't know what to think of everyone singing to him!
(In case you were wondering, that bright spot on his face is a reflection of the candle on my lens!)


After the singing, the eating began!  Every time someone turns 1 in our family, we give them a piece of cake and let them go after it!  It's so much fun to watch...Judah got icing all over his face!

Judah won't leave anything on his plate!

So there you have Judah's 1st birthday!


The next birthday was Alexis'.   We sang "Happy Birthday" to her that morning as she waited for us in bed (in our family, you're not allowed to get out of your bed on your birthday until we come get you!)...
Lexi all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed!
For breakfast that morning, Lexi chose Cream-of-Wheat and toast/pop-tarts.
We put sugar on our cream-of-wheat.  The recipe calls for salt, and we tried it once, and thought it was disgusting!  So, we go the "sweet route."

Lexi chose grilled chicken, macaroni 'n cheese, greenbeans and rolls for her dinner.

Seth and Mama set the table with our fanciest tablecloth, china, and glasses.

Lexi's dinner plate!
(The roses are just for decor, by the way! :)

Lexi read all her cards and opened her presents after the dinner was eaten and the dishes cleaned up!


Lexi got some candy/snack food that she likes and muck boots for when we get a horse (plus some more stuff I can't remember).

Happy birthday to you!

Lexi wanted angel food cake with cherries and whipped cream for her dessert.

The movie we watched that night (after eating the cake!) was The Fellowship of the Ring (a.k.a. the first movie in the Lord of the Rings set).  We had never seen the LR movies before but Daddy thought us older ones were old enough to see it, so we did! :)  The movie ended late that night, bringing Lexi's 14th birthday to a pleasant end. :)


Caleb's birthday was the day after Lexi's!  He has the neatest birthdate of us all...9/9/99!

Caleb picked out Egg McMuffins, berry crisp, and pop-tarts for his breakfast!  It was so yummy!
Caleb went to work with Daddy that day, and he didn't get back until late that night.  So, we ate our dinner of hamburgers and potatoes without the birthday boy...but we saved him some of it!

After Caleb ate his dinner, he opened his presents!

A big pixie stick!

A lovely card from Miss Lydia. :)

Caleb got some food (do you see a theme here?), a sweatshirt and cowboy shirt, and more!

Caleb's dessert pick was home made ice cream cake.  Seth surprised him with a cardboard Hummer on top!

That night (after the little ones went to bed) we watched the second Lord of the Rings series.  Once again, we were in bed late (they don't make those movies short!), ending the 3 consecutive birthdays in a row!
Kimber :)


  1. Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Yep, LOTR movies are not short... I've been staying up a little late, watching them myself. :)


  2. We did have fun (can't go wrong with movies and dessert!)...and, hopefully, we'll watch the last LOTR movie this weekend? We'll see!

    Kimber :)