Monday, September 12, 2011

***Updated** Tuesday at the Beach

***I found some pictures from this day at the beach that I didn't post.  So, scroll down towards the end and you'll see some more pictures and info!***

My first full day at the beach consisted of getting up early (for me).  I wanted to see the sunrise but it was too cloudy, so I just sat on the top deck with Hannah, Lexi, Paw-Paw and Aunt Mae-Mae.  It was a little chilly and windy so Paw-paw kept us girls warm by putting his arms around all of us. :)

After a little while, we went inside and I pulled out my Bible and journal and sat down to do my devotions.  One thing I've found out at the beach, is that I have to do my devotions before my cousins are up because I won't get it otherwise! :)

Mama came up the stairs around 7:30 A.M.  She told me that Lydia was half-way under her bed and still fast asleep!  Mama said it was really cute so I went down with my camera and found Lydia like this:

She was sleeping beside Mom and Dad's bed but, obviously, she moves a lot when she sleeps! :)
As everyone started showing up and getting ready for breakfast, we saw big tractors on the beach in front of our house!

Some of us stayed inside to watch but the rest of us went down to the gazebo to get a closer look.

The tractors were bringing huge pipes and piling them right where you see the tractor in the picture.  It was neat to see them bringing the huge, rusty pipes.  (The OBX was going through dredging when we were there, so that is where all the pipes were from.)  The entire week we saw tractors going up and down the beach (right past us!) getting ready to dredge.  It was neat to watch!

As I was going down to the gazebo, camera in hand, I found Mama, Lydia, and Judah sitting on the second deck.

As you can see from Judah's hair it was very windy that day (and the rest of the week). 

 My cousin, Cadence, on the gazebo.

 3 of my cute cousins:  Justus, Asher, and Cadence (yes, they're brothers and sister!).

 Asher's too cute! :)

After we had our fill of watching the big machines move back and forth on the beach, we went inside for Paw-paw's de-licious breakfast!

 I had his awesome blueberry pancakes, some blueberries, sausage, and eggs.  I also had a Pop-Tart which is, obviously, not pictured. :)

I'm not sure what Lydia's doing right here (maybe cracking pistachios), but I like the reflection in the table. :)

Caleb, Collin, and Seth eating breakfast outside on the picnic table.

After breakfast we started the "morning beach routine."  Apply sun tan lotion, eat some candy, let lotion soak in, eat some more, and then go to the beach!  (Well, that was my routine! :)  We normally hang out at the beach until 11:30ish and then we go up to the pool and hot tub, swim a little, dry off/take a shower, and eat lunch.  (I don't have any beach pictures of this day...I'm always a little terrified of getting my camera ruined by the sand. Plus, I was going to be getting in the ocean, so I couldn't be taking pictures anyways! :)

Judah eating his lunch! :)

Na-naw rocking her two youngest grandbabies, Asher and Judah. :)

The afternoons at the beach consisted of going back to the beach, swimming some more, making dinner/dessert,shopping, or just doing whatever suited our fancy.

For dinner Tuesday night we had a family favorite:  Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots and rolls! :)

 Mama cooking dinner for us.

Aunt T.C. getting some food!

Cadence and Lydia waiting for their plates.

My plate of deliciousness! :)  And, trust me, it was scrumptious!

For dessert that night we had home made ice cream that Mason, our cousin, did a great job at cranking!

After dinner, some of us went on a walk down to the pier.
 Hannah, Asher, and Judah getting ready to go down to the beach!

The sunset that night was very pale yet beautiful.  I loved the pastel colors!

Playing with some of the pipes from the dredging. :)

Mama, Judah, and Na-naw.

 Eden and 'Siah jumping off a pipe! :)

Cadence walking in the tractor tracks. :)

The pier that night...I'm loving the purples and blues in this photo!

I think this was a yawn, but I like to think that Judah is gasping at something! :)

When we got back home, we cuddled up on the couch with our ice cream (and brownies) and watched something on Animal Planet. 

Meanwhile, my cousin, Collin, was secretly getting a haircut.

The finished look! :)
(This is what he looked like before, if you wanted to know. :)

Aunt T.C. (Collin's mom) was shocked when she saw Collin.  She hadn't seen Collin with that little hair in a long time!

I'm not sure what else we did that night.  We might have played a game, spent time out on the deck watching the water, watched a movie, read a book, etc.  I know that we (my sisters and I) were in bed by 11:30 because I was so tired from my early morning!

So, our second day at the beach ended.
Kimber :)

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