Saturday, September 10, 2011

Please Welcome...

The newest member to our family:

Hallelujah! :)  [ I call her "Halle".]
Quite a few posts back I talked about going to look at a cow.  I said I would let you know what we thought, but I never did!  I guess you've figured out that we liked and bought her! :)  

The Lord has worked this out in so many ways.  From the family we bought her from (homeschooling family with 11 kids!!!), to her being hand milked (which we really wanted), pasture fed (supplemented with organic feed), only 20 minutes away, and 100% Jersey...Halle is everything we've been looking for!  The Lord worked this out amazingly and we are SO excited to finally have a cow!!  (Let the cheese and butter-making begin!)  We have waited for so many years to get a cow, and we have one now!!!!

Daddy and some of my siblings went and brought her home 2 hours ago.  Right now she's out on our pasture, enjoying our yummy grass!

Isn't she adorable?

The chickens aren't sure of what to do with their new visitor.  They'll get used to her over time!

Speaking of chickens, Solid Rock Ranch Egg Factory is now selling eggs!  All of our chickens are laying and we're getting over 60 eggs a day!  Caleb and Seth have done a wonderful job with the chickens...and we know you'll taste it in the eggs!

So, if you would like some fresh, pasture-raised, Non-GMO eggs, contact us by commenting on this post or by emailing us at:  Also, check out Caleb and Seth's (SRR Egg Factory owners) blog.  They update it weekly and you can find the prices for the eggs there!

Well, I just had to write up this post because we're all so excited!  We'll get to millk her for the first time (on our property) at 6:30 tonight!  

Really excited,
Kimber :)

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