Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Fun Week with Grandpa and Grandma

Last Tuesday Daddy, Alexis, Caleb, and I drove up to Northern VA.  Along the way, we stopped and did some yards!  Daddy and Caleb did the majority of the mowing and Lexi and I just picked up trash, pulled weeds, etc.  Quite a few times we (Lex and I) had nothing to do so we just sat in Daddy's truck and read! :)  As Daddy drove from stop to stop, we talked or played a game (principally sticking your head out the window until you can't stand it any longer :).  Around 5:30 P.M. we were in Woodbridge (where my grandparents live) so Grandma came and picked Lexi and I up.  Daddy and Caleb went to finish their last  two yards and stopped by later that night.

Once at Grandma's, we got cleaned up, donned our jammies and piled on the couch to watch Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy.  We ate some yummy Papa John's pizza as we watched! :)  Between bites of pizza, chicken nuggets, etc. we would try and solve the puzzle before anyone else in the room (or on T.V.) could.  :)

Daddy and Caleb arrived about 8:30 P.M. and left around 10 P.M. leaving Alexis and I to spend a few days with Grandpa and Grandma!

Lex and I got to sleep in Grandpa and Grandma's old bed that just happens to be so comfy that it feels like you're sleeping on a cloud.  Needless to say, we slept very well each night!

Wednesday morning came and Grandma fixed Grandpa and I an omelet and Lexi ate cereal (she doesn't like eggs).  After breakfast, Grandpa went to work and Grandma took us to her Long and Foster office.  We hung out there for a little while as Grandma did some business stuff and then we went to some local thrift/consignment stores and David's Bridal (to look for potential graduation dresses).  
Around lunchtime we went to Fort Belvoir.  (Fort Belvoir is a large military base about 20 minutes away from Grandma's house.)  I had never been on a military base before so it was really neat (to say the least)...it was like an entirely separate world just for those in the military and their families. While there we went to the thrift store there where I found 2 pretty skirts!  Next we went to a clothing store (I think it was called the PX) and we ate at the indoor Taco Bell.  Grandma had a military couple come by during lunch to sign some papers and then we toured the store where I found a really cute collared shirt on sale!  I look sort of like a cowgirl now with the collared shirt and jean skirt.  All I need is the boots, hat, and horse and I'm set! :)   [By the way, if you think that we were just getting stuff for me...we weren't.  We had a hard time finding clothes for Lexi! :)]

After our visit to the base, we stopped at a thrift store we had visited earlier where Lexi found a skirt she liked.  When we went back to buy it (after Lexi thought about it) the lady hiked the price from $15 to $28 so we didn't get it.  
We then went to our favorite thrift store in Northern VA:  the Village Thrift Store.  Here Lexi finally found something that fit her and that she liked: a dress!  The dress looks similar to a Renaissance gown (minus the hoop skirt) and she wore it to church this past Sunday...she loves it!  
Our last stop for the day was the grocery store, then we went back to Grandpa and Grandma's house to eat a yummy Mexican dinner of taco salad, bean dip, and nachos! 

We did our nightly Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy contest and then Lexi and I taught Grandpa and Grandma to play Golf (the card game).  Grandma caught on to the game rather quickly but Grandpa proved to be a tougher student which made for lots of laughs! :)  After the game, Grandma went to bed and Grandpa stayed up with Lexi and I to watch The Princess Bride.  It was at least 11 P.M. before we got in bed so we didn't wake up until after 9 A.M. the next morning!
Grandma and Grandpa had doctors appointments that morning so Lexi and I ate some cereal and a pop tart for breakfast.  Grandma returned at 11:30 A.M. and then we went with her to her office.  When she was done her work, we picked up my cousin, Diana, and went browsing at the mall.  [I have to say that I'm sorry I don't have pictures of all of this.  I brought my camera but I didn't do anything with it. :-/ ]

After 2 hours of walking around we picked up some Popeyes chicken and went home to eat.  After lunch (at 3 P.M. :) we picked up my other cousin, Stephen, and went to the Prince William County Fair!  I had never been to a county fair so I was expecting it to be a lot less impressive than the State Fair but I was pleasantly surprised.  Of course it was much smaller but it was still fun!

We went through the animal barns first and pet the sheep and goats before going on the rides!

One of our first rides was the big Ferris Wheel.  Grandpa and Grandma went in one "cab" and my cousins, Alexis, and I in another.

Thank you, Grandma, for all the pictures on this post!
Left to right: Myself, Stephen, Alexis, and Diana.
One of our next rides was the Swings.  I used to love them so much but now I'm becoming less fond of them.  All of us felt a tad weird when we got off and it took some time before that "feeling" went away. :)  Until it did, Diana and I watched Stephen and Lexi ride everything. :)

Lexi and Stephen on the swings.
At 7 P.M. we went and watched the Demolition Derby while drinking some fresh lemonade.  Basically the Demolition Derby was a few old cars smashing into each other until the only one left moving was declared winner.  It wasn't terribly exciting but it was a neat experience. :)

After the Derby Stephen and Lexi rode some more rides and I just enjoyed the lights against the night sky.  Fairs at nighttime have to be one of the most beautiful displays there are!

Towards the end of the night, it started raining so we took refuge under the Bingo tent until Lexi and Stephen showed up.  After another quick visit to the animals, we left.  Once home (about 9:45 P.M.) Grandma heated up some leftover pizza and chicken nuggets.  We finished off the meal and then had some ice cream.  It was 11:30 P.M. before we got in bed!

The next morning we donned our bathing suits and, after breakfast, we went to Splash Down Waterpark!   We arrived 30 minutes before the park opened so we were the first ones in the park!  The rest of my family was coming to the waterpark too so I waited outside the gate for them to show up.  They arrived around 11:45 A.M. and we all went in the park soon after.  We met up with Grandpa and Grandma (my cousins were somewhere in the park!) and then hopped in the Lazy River.  

We stayed at the waterpark until 6 P.M. and had lots of fun!  I loved the Lazy River and the big, blue slide. 
My cousins, Stephen and Diana, in the Lazy River.

 Lexi coming off the "big, blue slide". :)

Eden (right) and Seth (left) after coming off the slide!

 Judah was absolutely in love with the water.  You might as well call him a fish because water is his favorite thing!

Judah eating lunch.

Judah got to eat his baby food but the rest of us had some yummy pizza and breadsticks courtesy of Grandpa and Grandma (thanks!).
 Grandpa relaxing! :)

Later that day I met a sweet lady named Sue and her adorable son, Ronnie.  I talked with Mrs. Sue for a long time about a lot of things...all while playing with Ronnie.  When we left a few hours later she said that she'd keep in touch (via this blog :) and we said goodbye.

We then drove to Grandma's house where we celebrated Daddy's 42nd birthday.  Grandma fixed a meal of meatballs, noodles, and garlic bread.  After Dad opened his presents we ate a yummy Carvel ice cream cake and left an hour or so later.

Thanks to Grandpa and Grandma for providing such a fun week for us all!  We love you very much!
Kimber :)

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  1. Hey Kimber:
    I love this blog and thanks so much for mentioning me and Ronnie in it regarding the Splashdown visit. You are very sweet too and I am so happy I was fortunate enough to meet you and spend time with you and your wonderful family. You are all very unique and special. Ronnie and I have been going to the pool a lot since I saw you there. I am really going to miss the end of summer and the pool closing in a week. I am not looking forward to the cold weather coming. I do want to keep in touch with you and if you want to email me as well my email address is sueron06@verizon.net. Tell your family I said hello and I will talk to you soon. Miss you! Sue