Thursday, August 25, 2011

Daddy's 42nd Birthday

We celebrated Daddy's 42nd birthday last Saturday (August 20th)!  The festivities started with our custom of waking up the birthday person by singing "Happy Birthday" as we enter their room.  Daddy was fast asleep so Judah got to work waking him up:

 After the song was finished, we left and Daddy reappeared on the steps a few minutes later, bright and perky!

Seth had tied some ribbon to our steps that Daddy had to break to come downstairs:

The string was conquered with little problem!!

We then sat down at the breakfast table.  Daddy entered the kitchen and said "Looks yummy" and then disappeared.  When he came back and actually sat down at the table he looked at what he was going to eat.  

"Farmers Crepes?  You guys made me Farmers Crepes?"

We all smiled and told him that they were actually frozen from when we made some for Hannah's birthday. :)  Daddy loves farmers crepes and he had originally asked for them on his birthday, but he knows how difficult they are to make, so he suggested something else.  He was very surprised to find them on the table for his birthday breakfast!

And, yes, they were good!

Just a random picture of Judah before we ate breakfast. :)

Daddy had a present on his plate, so he opened it as we ate!

The "present" ended up being something else for his birthday breakfast:  Brown Sugar Cinnamon Pop Tarts! :)

The Pop-tarts were amazing, if you're wondering. ;)

We also had pear-raspberry sauce and hash-browns for breakfast!

All in all, the breakfast was absolutely delicious!

After breakfast, Daddy and Caleb went off to work and the rest of us did something (I don't remember what now! :).

That night, Daddy and Caleb returned and we had his "official" family birthday party.

Daddy's present stood in the living room waiting to be opened after dinner! :)

We had grape juice mixed with seltzer for our drink.
(We had picked concord grapes, pears, figs, and apples at a lady's house on Monday.  We made grape jam and juice with the grapes! :)

For dinner we had chicken 'n wine sauce (minus the wine), rice, green beans, and buttermilk rolls!

After dinner, Daddy opened his big present which contained many smaller presents.

Reading his cards...
Daddy got some of his favorite chips from Trader Joes...he (and most of us) loves these! :)

And you can never go wrong with chocolate, so he got some of that, too. :)

 Judah decided to go upside down as we watched Daddy open his presents!

Clif Bars from Trader Joes...


He also received some yummy mini peanut butter cups from T.J.'s.  I don't like peanut butter but I tried one and it was really good! :)

Daddy's most treasured birthday present was probably the 8 lb. weights.  He has wanted them for a few months and now he has them!  He uses them when he cellercises
Now all his presents were opened (he also received some books early a few weeks ago), so we went and sang "Happy Birthday".
We meant to get Daddy's icing to be green but the pudding in the icing made it more of an electric yellow/green.  Interesting, right?! :)

I guess we were a little too loud! :-/  :)
(Thanks to Mama for these photos!)

Blowing out all three candles!


Daddy's ice cream cake consisted of a layer of Oreo Blast ice cream, then chocolate chips drizzled with Magic Shell.  The next layer was some home made chocolate cake with Cool Whip icing on top. :)

So that was Daddy's 42nd birthday!   We love you SO much Daddy!  Thanks for all you are...
Kimber and your family

P.S. - Please pray for Hurricane Irene to not hit the OBX.  We're supposed to go on vacation this coming Saturday!  Please pray hard!!!

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