Saturday, May 14, 2011

Spring 2011 Garden Update! :)

"...plant gardens and eat their fruit."
Jeremiah 29:5

Our *many* gardens are looking absolutely beautiful this year!  So, I decided to show you some pictures of our gardens before the summer heat wilts them and before all the lovely pests eat holes in their leaves. :)

I'll start with the gardens located in the front of our house! :)

The three rows pictured are all strawberry plants (with some garlic here and there).  We've had this garden for about 2-3 years and it's doing okay.  The berries aren't big like they're supposed to be, but we make it! :)  

Strawberry season is in full blast! 

Seth, Eden, and Josiah picked lots of ripe, red berries yesterday!  They were amazing!  Normally the strawberries you buy from the store are a little sour and under ripe...well, our strawberries were warm (from sitting in the sun), deep red and they taste like they've been drenched in powdered sugar.  SO yummy!!!

But back to the gardens!

We have another garden to the left of the strawberries and there we are growing some Yukon potatoes.

Across the driveway we have some blueberry plants growing!
The plants are a little hard to see in this photo but there are about 6-8 lining the driveway.

Some already have berries coming!!

This year we planted more blueberries on a hill surrounding the front strawberry garden and in the backyard.  (Mom loves fresh blueberries. ;)

By the way, I'm sorry if this gets confusing!  We have so many plants in so many different places it's a bit hard to give you the full picture.  Come to visit and you'll see where everything is! :)

To the right of the strawberry garden (if you're standing in our front door) we have our raspberry row:

We also have some little, green berries coming and soon they'll turn into yummy, pink raspberries!
Right next to the raspberries we have our big potato garden.  (You can tell we like a lot of one plant if we have more than one garden dedicated to it! ;)

The two outside rows are potatoes and the one little row down the middle contains newly-planted greenbeans (to the far right are the raspberries I just mentioned)!

This garden is really long, so it's hard to portray the many potato plants growing!

The biggest potato plants have flowers coming on them!
We're really praying (and hoping) that no voles find our potatoes.  After lots of hard work goes into planting, watering, covering, and hilling the potatoes it's really devastating when some unseen creature eats your plants!!! 

Some of our little greenbean plants growing!
We planted greenbean plants between the potato rows because they deter potato bugs/beetles.  (This is called "companion planting" and it works wonderfully!)

The other potato row.
This row isn't doing the greatest but they should get bigger soon!!

Another view of our big potato garden! :)

 Our front yard. 
Potatoes on the left, then the raspberries, across the driveway is the big strawberry garden (and blueberry plants) and then the Yukon potatoes on the far right. :)  Have I confused you yet?

Near the big tater garden we have a smaller garden (a.k.a. "Seth's Garden") dedicated to more strawberry plants:
These plants produce the biggest strawberries.  We actually transplanted these from the runners our first strawberry plants produced. 

Across from that garden we have a garden currently dormant but ready for plants whenever we decide we need more! :)
When we need to plant we'll cut a hole in the paper, dig a small hole, insert the plant and then we won't have to worry about weeding!  Yippee! :) :) [This is how it's supposed to work...]

This garden is behind our house and contains even more blueberry plants and some transplanted garlic. 

A blueberry plant surrounded by garlic!

Another garden behind our house with kale, spinach, and pea pods.

The kale (pictured above) and spinach are going to seed so we picked our last leaves of the season yesterday. :) :)

Some of our pea plants climbing up the trellis.

A little pea pod!

The back of our yard. 

I'd try and detail where everything is but I would only succeed in confusing you, so I won't try! :)
Well, that was the update on our gardens!

Hopefully the next thing I'll have to say is that "the gardens are still beautiful and producing lots of yummy food."  We'll see what the voles and pests think about that! ;)
Kimber :)


  1. Yumm! Those strawberries look delicious! I want some!! Haha but i would say that putting the garlic next to the strawberries is very interesting hahaha! I hope your strawberries don't taste like garlic hahha that would make me BERRY sad :D

  2. Oh, your gardens are so beautiful!!!!!!! We were so busy during the really early summer months, so our garden is a bit late....

    Oh, but we did decide to get a wheat mill (like the one your family has, probably). Getting closer to becoming country-folk!

    In Him Alone,

    P.S. Still praying about offers on the house yet, but we're making repairs! The worst thing that can happen is we fix up the house and have to live in it!! =)