Monday, May 9, 2011

Bowling with Na-naw

About two weeks ago, Na-naw took Hanah, Alexis, Eden, and I (Kimber) bowling at the AMF in Mechanicsville.  Hannah drove us over and Na-naw showed up about 10 minutes later with 4 of our cousins:  Erika, Claire, Gracie, and Collin.  

 Eden, Lexi, and Hannah waiting in the car at the AMF parking lot.

The sky looked extremely stormy and unhappy but thankfully we didn't get rained on!

Once we were all inside, we picked out our shoe size and walked down to our lane.

 Trying on some shoes.

My cousin, Claire, was really excited!

I guess I could say Lexi was excited too... :)

Na-naw bought two lanes and we were split up into two teams.  Team 1 consisted of Erika, Collin, Hannah, and I.  Team 2 consisted of Na-naw, Alexis, Claire, and Gracie.

Once Na-naw entered our names in the system we started bowling!  We (Hannah, Lexi, and I) hadn't bowled for at least a year so we had quite a few tries "in the gutter."  Eden had never bowled in her life but she did pretty well!

Picking out a ball.

The approach (this was the most nerve-wracking part for me!).

The throw...

...and the gutter!
Despite our many "gutter balls" we enjoyed our time together.  Na-naw is in a bowling league and so she helped us bowl better as the games progressed!

Gracie (a cousin) bowling.

Lexi and Claire waiting their turn.

Erika was probably the best "bowler" of the day (other than Na-naw).  I think she came in first in each of the two games we played!

She managed to get at least one strike every game!

Claire getting ready for her turn!

Gracie and Eden.

Lexi on her second bowl!

Myself, Na-naw, and Hannah enjoying our time together! ;)

My turn!

Na-naw working it!

Hannah...what amazing form! ;)
P.S. from Hannah- I was absolutely horrible!  But it was fun to go and spend time with my cousins and grandma!!  


Collin and Erika.

Team 1 finished bowling their two games before Team 2, so Team 1 went over for lunch at Chik-fil-A first! :)  Before we left, we grabbed a "team shot" of everyone!

Team 1:  Collin, Erika, Hannah, and myself.

Team 2:  Gracie, Na-naw, Eden, Claire, and Alexis.

Chik-fil-A was stuffed with people but we managed to find ourselves a seat and get some nuggets and waffle fries ordered!  
 Can anyone say, YUM?!

 After nuggets and fries, we ordered an Oreo milkshake and...WOW! was so good!

Once we were finished eating, Hannah drove Erika, Alexis, and I around town and we browsed different stores.  We then dropped Erika off at her house, said "hi" to Aunt Steph and headed on home.

What a wonderful day!  Thanks, Na-naw, for taking us bowling!  We had a great time and will treasure the memories forever! 
Kimber :)

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